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Rich Swann Says There's Still "Unanswered Questions" With Kenny Omega

Photo Credit IMPACT Wrestling

At last night's Impact Hard to Kill PPV, Impact World Champion Rich Swann took the pinfall loss to AEW World Champion Kenny Omega in a six-man tag team match.

After the match, Swann spoke about the loss, and how it may have been different had Alex Shelley been there, and not his replacement, Moose.

"We did come up short," Swann responded. "It was disappointing, but I can't say that I'm not proud about what we left out in that ring for Impact Wrestling. If Alex Shelley was here, maybe things would have gone a little bit differently for Sabin and I. If we stuck to the game plan that we came up with. I went into this match not trusting Moose, after everything he's done in Impact Wrestling — I don't like him, but he definitely earned my respect. He went out there and fought his ass off alongside us. With Kenny Omega, a lot of questions are still unanswered. Does he have my number? I don't know."

Moose then interrupted Swann's promo, eventually throwing him into a door, and letting the champion know he's coming for that title.

"I kept my promise, and I said from bell-to-bell, I'll be the best damn teammate you ever had," Moose said to Swann. "Well, guess what? The match is over. And that title you're carrying around will be mine soon."

You can check out highlights from last night's main event here.

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