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Rich Swann Signs Multi-Year Contract Extension With IMPACT Wrestling

Rich Swann has extended his run with IMPACT Wrestling.

During an appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Rich Swann revealed that he signed a new two-year contract with IMPACT Wrestling.

“Man, the world of Rich Swann has definitely been lighting up. I’ve got a one-year-old baby now, little Richard Jr, and now I’ve also signed a two-year deal with IMPACT Wrestling. IMPACT Wrestling has done nothing but treat me with the utmost respect and it’s been a place where I’ve been able to grow. I’ve been able to watch other competitors grow and I’ve been able to watch the company grow into a spot to where it should be.”

Swann also spoke about how he improved as a wrestler, but also how IMPACT stood by him while he was recovering from injury.

“I’m very different. Unfortunately, I broke my back and my leg, my hip, my foot, everything on my right side was damn-near damaged. And I was told by doctors that I wouldn’t walk the same, let alone wrestle again. For IMPACT, they helped take care of me when that happened and once I was finally able to come back, I became a world champion at IMPACT Wrestling. So, that’s something that I’ll never forget, I’ll always hold near and dear to my heart and I’m definitely a better performer than I was [before].”

Rich Swann has been with IMPACT Wrestling since June 2018. He is a former IMPACT World Champion, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, X Division and Digital Media Champion.


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