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Ring Of Honor Invades IMPACT Hard To Kill During Hardcore War Match

Last night’s IMPACT Hard to Kill pay-per-view featured a huge Hardcore War Match, but things ended in chaos when members of Ring of Honor invaded the company and started a massive brawl.

In a 10-man Hardcore War match that saw Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath and Rhino take on The Good Brothers and Violent By Design, it was the team of Edwards, Swann, Mack, Heath & Rhino who came out on top.

However, after coming away with the win, things got chaotic, as Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, Vincent, and PCO all came running out and began attacking the members in the ring. A huge brawl broke out, and it ended with Willie Mack being piledrived into the ground as the announcers remained shocked at the “invasion.”

A full recap of the match from our play-by-play coverage is below:

Rich Swann and Deaner start off the first three minutes. Deaner brings a trash can while Rich brings a chair. Swann wedges a chair in the corner, but the two trade shots with the trash can and Deaner sends Swann into the chair. Deaner uses a VBD flag to leg sweep Swann. Deaner grabs another chair. Karl Anderson is the next to come out before Willie Mack enters. They set a door on chairs and hit a 3D on Deaner. Out comes Doc Gallows. The Good Brothers and Deaner take control. Eddie Edward comes out with a kendo stick and then does two topes. Out comes Eric Young and the villians take control. Heath comes out and turns the tide. Willie Mack tries to moonsault with a trash can but misses. Joe Doering enters next. Chains, beer bottles and pipes are helping to enhance the carnage. Rhino comes out with a chain to ECW chants. Rhino fights with Eric Young. All competitors get to their feet before the ring clears for Eddie to light a kendo stick on fire. He smacks Gallows with it, but it allows Eric Young to piledrive Eddie through a table at ringside. Rich Swann 450 splashes onto EY. Willie Mack slides a barbed wire board in the ring. Joe Doering his a running DVD into the board. Willie Mack lariats Joe out with a chair. Willie pop-up punches Deaner. Karl hits a Stun Gun, but Rhino soon hits a Gore and Heath gets to cover. 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath, Rhino, Eddie Edwards

Post-match, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, Vincent and PCO all come out and take it to the babyfaces. They spike piledrive Willie Mack as their exclamation point as the announcers make note it’s an invasion of sorts.

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