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Ring Warriors To Now Air On Amazon Prime

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling

Ring Warriors will be airing on Amazon Prime going forward as free programming for paid Prime members going forward, with a “Winter Season” finale debuting next Saturday…

Ring Warriors to be available on Amazon Prime; Winter Season finale available December 22nd

Ring Warriors Productions announced today that the Ring Warriors professional wrestling series will be available on Amazon Prime starting on Saturday, December 22nd.

Amazon Prime, which has 95 million U.S. based subscribers according to, produces such original hit programs as “Bosch,” “The Man in the High Castle” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” among many others. All Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to watch Ring Warriors for free.

“Having ‘Ring Warriors’ available on Amazon Prime is a great opportunity for our fans and organization,” said Executive Producer Howard Lipkint. “Along with our current broadcast partner WGN America, this will certainly broaden our fan base and provide wrestling fans with an alternative means of viewing our exciting, industry leading program.”

Lipkint said the success Ring Warriors has achieved in its initial season on WGN America has been overwhelming. “Wrestling fans have been looking for an alternative to the current direction within the wrestling industry and now they have found it,” he said. “In the coming weeks and leading into the new year, we will be announcing new alliances, venues, talent and many more exciting elements that will be targeted to the professional wrestling fan base and beyond.”

As Ring Warriors heads into a brief end-of-the-year hiatus, a special holiday bonus is being made available exclusively for Amazon Prime members – the Ring Warriors winter season finale will be available on Amazon Prime starting on Saturday, December 22nd. In the weeks that follow, previously aired episodes will also be made available.

This Article was provided by Karmen Sandiego from Impact! Wrestling Worldwide™

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