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ROH 19th Anniversary Show Results (3/26/21)

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Ring of Honor returns to pay-per-view tonight with its 19th Anniversary Show.

Hour One begins at 8 p.m. EST, and the main show starts at 9.

Hour One:

Danhausen vs. LSG vs. Brian Johnson vs. Eli Isom

Johnson aggressively shakes hands with his opponents. Johnson and Isom start the match. Isom gains the upper hand with a dropkick and an arm drag. Johnson leaves the ring, and LSG enters the match. “The Mecca” tags himself in and LSG blasts him with a kick. LSG dumps Isom out of the ring, and LSG dives onto him. Isom dives onto both men with a moonsault to the outside.

Danhausen drills Johnson with a kick to the face. All four men fight on the outside before Isom and LSG return to the ring. Isom tosses LSG with a release Northern suplex. Johnson takes Danhausen down with a diving clothesline. The referee stops counting a pin when “The Mecca” tries to put his feet on the ropes during a pin. Johnson hits the Tower of London on Isom, but LSG drops him with a springboard forearm. LSG gets a near fall with Rocket-by-Baby. Isom hits a diving crossbody on LSG, and all three men are down after a double clothesline.

Danhausen sends Johnson to the outside and suplexes Isom onto LSG. Danhausen gets his jar of teeth and feeds them to Johnson. All three of his opponents kick Johnson at the same time. Isom and LSG exchange pinfall attempts. Danhausen catches LSG with Goodnight-hausen, but Johnson breaks up the pin. He sneaks behind Danhausen, pokes him in the eye and hits The Process for the win.

Winner: Brian Johnson

A video package hypes up Jay Lethal’s match with RUSH. Lethal says Ring of Honor’s soul is at stake in their match. He vows to purify this company, starting with a with a win over RUSH.

The broadcast team runs through the card after brief videos show La Faccion Ingobernable and The Foundation warming up.

A video package shows promos from Jay Briscoe and EC3 ahead of their match.

Flip Gordon says he should be challenging for the world title, but he’ll let The Foundation and LFI destroy each other before he takes his rightful opportunity. But first, he vows to put Mark Briscoe out of his misery.

Broadcaster Ian Riccaboni explains that the match between Matt Taven and Vincent has been sent in on a mysterious video tape. A video package then previews this grudge match.

Backstage, Mike Bennett says he has no idea what’s up with Matt Taven. He runs into Brian Milonas, and they’re both confused about Taven’s whereabouts. Beer City Bruiser says Milonas should be worried about The Bouncers, not Taven’s business.

In a promo, Dak Draper says Jonathan Gresham, but “The Mile High Magnum” is always the favorite. Draper says his natural gifts inherently lead to the pressure to succeed, something that underdogs don’t understand. He says he walks, talks and movs like a champion because he will be a champion, plain and simple.

Backstage, Josh Woods and Silas Young are doing an interview before Woods’ match. Young says Woods has flourished while he was gone, but he points out that “The Goods” still has a lot to learn. Woods says pure wrestling is about honor, but he won’t let Dalton Castle embarrass him again. Woods and Young argue about Woods’ preparedness for Castle. Meanwhile, Castle recaps how his matches with Woods have come down to simple mistakes. He says he knows how to beat Woods and emphasizes that this night could mark his final match in Ring of Honor. He looks back on his career and regrets the fact that his success just flew by. But Castle says he’s more fired up than ever before, so Woods is in trouble.

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship:

Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor and Sons Of Savagery) (c) vs. MexiSquad (Bandido, Flamita & Rey Horus)

MexiSquad attacks the champions during their entrance and dives onto them outside the ring. The challengers take control early on.

All three challengers gang up on Shane Taylor, and they isolate him. Flamita dives onto Taylor, but the big man rallies. Kaun tags in, but he doesn’t fare much better, as Bandido and Flamita double-team him. MexiSquad continues to control the match, but an argument gives Moses enough time to enter the ring and gain the advantage. The champions take the upper hand by ganging up on Flamita.

Taylor dives, but Flamita dodges him. MexiSquad rallies, but Flamita and Bandido continue to argue. Bandido carries his partners and dives onto Taylor for a triple splash on Taylor. Moses tosses Bandido into the ring post, and the Soldiers of Savagery plant Bandido with the Victory Lap (3D.) Flamita blasts Taylor with a superkick, but he continues to miscommunicate with Bandido. Taylor drills Bandido with a forearm and a knee to the face. Horus takes Taylor down with a a satellite DDT. The Soldiers of Savagery pin Flamita with Coin Till.

Winners and still ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions : Soldiers of Savagery

Bandido and Flamita continue to argue after the match. Flamita shoves Bandido, and Horus tries to calm them down. Flamita refuses to calm down, and Horus challenges his partners to a triple threat match.

Rocky Romero joins the broadcast team at the end of hour one.

Main Show:

ROH Television Championship

Kenny King (defending the title for Dragon Lee) vs. Tracy Williams

Williams and King exchange technical holds at the beginning of the match. “Hot Sauce” gains the upper hand and grounds King. The stand-in champion turns the tables and takes the advantage. Both men keep going back and forth with technical holds early in the match. King nearly puts Williams away with a Tiger Bomb. The competitors battle on the top rope, and King blasts Williams with an acrobatic kick. Williams floors King with a DDT on the turnbuckle and hits a Spicolli Driver for a two count.

Williams and King trade chops, and Amy Rose helps King escape a Fujiwara Armbar. King low blows Williams and nearly steals the win with a roll-up. Rose tosses King the title belt, but Williams dodges it and pins King with a Piledriver.

Winner and new ROH World Television Champion: Tracy Williams

Mark Briscoe vs. Flip Gordon

Gordon and Briscoe immediately start trading blows. Gordon showcases his athleticism by flipping away from a strike, but Briscoe still gains the upper hand. Briscoe plants Gordon with a suplex. A running senton earns Briscoe a two count. Gordon nails Briscoe with a kick to the face. He knocks Briscoe to the outside with another kick. Gordon shows his mean streak by hitting Briscoe when he’s down. “The Mercenary” goes for a springboard maneuver, but Briscoe knocks him to the floor. A Blockbuster onto the floor gives Briscoe even more momentum.

Gordon drills Briscoe with another kick, but the former tag team champion keeps fighting. “The Mercenary” plants Briscoe with a superplex, and both men are down. Both men desperately trade strikes, and Briscoe rocks Gordon with a forearm and a boot to the face. Gordon hits the Flip-5 after a low blow for the win.

Winner: Flip Gordon

Dalton Castle vs. Josh Woods (with Silas Young)

Woods and Castle exchange technical holds and feel each other out. The match is a stalemate early on, but Woods targets Castle’s back and plants him with a suplex. Young and Woods argue, and the distraction lets Castle hit Woods with an elbow and a suplex.

Castle dodges a springboard leg drop, and he sends Woods crashing into the barricade. The former ROH World Champion is in firm control, as he grounds Woods for a few minutes. Woods rallies with a punch to the face, and he floors Castle with a flurry of offense. Woods displays his aggressive side by tossing Castle into the barricade. “The Goods” drills Castle with another punch to the face. He then powerbombs the former champion onto the barricade. Woods and Young argue when the veteran star tells his protégé to use a chair on Castle.

Castle plants Woods with a suplex, but “The Goods” fires back with one of his own. Young intentionally blasts Woods with a chair, and Castle pins him for the win.

Winner: Silas Young

After the match, Young says he has put his wants and needs aside to help Woods, but he says the young star continues to defy him. Young says this was the last time Woods defies him. He promises to hurt him in unimaginable ways in order to teach him about what it takes to be a real man.

EC3 vs. Jay Briscoe

Jay Briscoe still refuses to shake EC3’s hand at the beginning of the match. Both men slowly feel each other out to start the bout, and EC3 has the advantage early on. Briscoe takes EC3 down with a hurricanrana. But EC3 tackles Briscoe and punches him while he screams, “Where’s your honor?” EC3 continues to overpower Briscoe, keeping him grounded for minutes at a time.

Briscoe suplexes EC3, but the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion deadlift powerbombs him. EC3 hits a TKO. but Briscoe sends him face-first into the turnbuckle. Briscoe rallies, and the match spills to the outside. Briscoe tweaks his knee, and EC3 pulls him head-first into the ring post. EC3 takes Briscoe down with a superplex, and he attacks Briscoe’s wounded knee.

EC3 yells “Honor Me” and plants Briscoe with an Olympic Slam. A Brainbuster leaves Briscoe down and out. Briscoe keeps fighting, and he hits a Spicolli Driver on the apron. Briscoe floors EC3 with a nasty big boot. He hits two more neckbreakers, but EC3 fires back with a modified DDT. Another Spicolli Driver lets Briscoe maintain the advantage. EC3 laughs and begs for more. “This is honor,” he says. EC3 hits “Psycho Boy”, but Briscoe rakes his eyes.

Another forearm drops EC3. The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion asks for Briscoe’s hand, and he shakes it. But Briscoe pulls him in and hits the Jay Driller for the win.

Winner: Jay Briscoe

Briscoe shakes EC3’s hand again after the match.

Flamita vs. Rey Horus vs. Bandido

Flamita quickly takes the fight to Bandido, but the latter gains the upper hand. Bandido hits Horus with a hurricanrana, and the two men go back and forth. They high-five each other, and Flamita enters the picture with a dropkick that takes both men down. Flmaita takes control and slams Horus.

Horus dives onto Bandido and hits a hurricanrana, and Flamita dives onto him. Flamita keeps disrespecting Bandido, and they trade blows. Bandido slams Flamita to the mat and blasts Horus with a superkick. All three men are down after a standing Tower of Doom. Bandido gets back to his feet, and Flamita tells him he wants to fight. They trade strikes again, and Flamita hits a spiral bomb for a two count.

Flamita plants Bandido with a pendulum DDT, and he hits Horus with a Muscle Buster onto Bandido. “No more MexiSquad,” Flamita says. Bandido sends Flamita crashing to the floor with a hurricanrana. All three men kick each other at the same time. All three men hit more innovative offense with a crossbody into a poisonrana. Bandido then hits Flamita with the X Knee and the 21-Plex for the victory.

Winner: Bandido

Bandio and Horus try to reconcile with Flamita after the match, but he shoves Bandido away and walks out on the duo.

Unsanctioned Match

Matt Taven vs. Vincent (pre-taped at a different location)

Taven enters a building, looking for Vincent. The leader of The Righteous welcomes Taven and runs away from him. The former world champion chases after Vincent, but his rival attacks him from behind. Both men exchange blows, and Taven goes for a dive, but Vincent sends him crashing into ladders. Taven throws a chair at Vincent and tosses him down a flight of stairs. He hits a diving elbow drop off the top of the staircase.

The fight spills throughout the building. Taven tosses Vincent onto a row of chairs. He whips Vincent with his belt, and he says, “I’m your daddy.” Taven chokes Vincent with a belt, but a low blow gives Vincent the upper hand.

Vincent pulls up the protective canvas on the training ring and plants Taven with a modified bulldog onto the wooden surface. He tosses Taven into a wall. They battle around the seats of an auditorium. A mysterious big man attacks Vincent and Taven and sends them crashing off a balcony and through a table.

The mystery assailant carries Vincent out of the wreckage to end the match.

Backstage, Jay Lethal pleads with referee Todd Sinclair not to let LFI steal the ROH World Championship.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett comes to the ring to make a “big” announcement. She says she’s very excited to share this announcement about the women’s division. She reveals that this summer, Ring of Honor will be holding a tournament to crown a new Ring of Honor Women’s Championship. Angelina Love and Mandy Leon, also known as The Allure, make their return by coming to the ring.

Love says she and Leon had been building the women’s division before Maria came back. Maria says everyone has to earn their opportunities now, no matter what they’ve done in the past. She says if Love can win a match, she’ll get a first-round bye in the tournament. Maria then reveals that Love’s opponent will be none other than broadcaster Quinn McKay.

ROH Pure Championship

Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Dak Draper (Pure Rules Match)

Draper uses his size to gain an early advantage. Both men feel each other out with technical holds. Draper continues to use his amateur wrestling skills to hold his own with Gresham. The champion kicks Draper’s leg, but “The Mile High Magnum” grounds Gresham with a waist-lock. Draper continued to wrench Gresham’s waist to maintain the advantage. Gresham uses his third rope break to escape a Stretch Muffler.

Gresham drills Draper with stiff strikes, but the challenger uses two rope breaks to stay alive. Draper uses his third rope break to escape an ankle lock. Draper then drops Gresham with an illegal punch, and he gets a warning. Gresham rolls out of the ring to avoid a loss by knock-out. The challenger hits a deadlift suplex and a doctor bomb.

Draper has Gresham on the ropes, and he hits a super powerbomb for a two count. He locks in the Stretch Muffler again, but his knee buckles, forcing him to let go. Gresham hits a springboard moonsault and dives onto Draper outside the ring, locking in a sleeper hold in the process.

Draper gets back into the ring, and the sleeper is still locked in. He passes out, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner and still ROH Pure Champion: Jonathan Gresham

Delirious whispers in Rocky Romero’s ear at the broadcast table. He interprets it as a challenge of some sort.

ROH World Tag Team Championship

La Faccion Ingobernable’s La Bestia del Ring and Kenny King (c) (with Amy Rose) vs. The Foundation’s Tracy Williams and Rhett Titus

Bestia and King take the fight to the challengers. King and Titus start the match while Bestia beats Williams up on the outside. King talks some trash to his former partner, and the champions isolate Titus. Bestia hits a diving senton onto Titus. Williams and Bestia trade chops, and the patriarch of LFI takes Williams down with a clothesline.

King hits Williams with a spinning kick, and Bestia dropkicks him out of the ring. Williams and Bestia take each other down with a double clothesline. Titus suplexes King, but Bestia blasts him with a dropkick. Titus hits Bestia with a monkey flip. Williams locks a Texas Cloverleaf in on King, and Bestia tries breaks it up, but Titus stops him. Titus rallies, and Williams plants King with a piledriver. Bestia saves King from a full Nelson, and he tags in.

Titus and Bestia exchange blows, and Bestia plants him with a Codebreaker. Rose gives Bestia a chair, but the referee stops it. Titus hits two big boots and he goes for the full Nelson, and Bestia taps out.

Winner and new ROH World Tag Team Champions: Rhett Titus and Tracy Williams

Bestia argues with Rose and King after the match. King turns on Rose and yells at her, but she flips him off. He apologizes, and he shakes her hand, but it’s a trap, as Bestia floors her with a Spear. King says he’s done with her, and he never wants to see her again.

ROH World Championship

RUSH (c) vs. Jay Lethal

RUSH shakes Lethal’s hand, marking the first time he has followed the Code of Honor, according to Ian Riccaboni. Both men exchange technical holds. RUSH gets on all fours and lets Lethal try and take him down. Lethal does the same thing, and RUSH spits on him. The champion chops Lethal, but the challenger fires back with a chop of his own. Lethal sends RUSH to the outside with a dropkick.

“The Franchise” dives onto RUSH outside the ring two times. Lethal grounds RUSH in the ring by targeting his knee. RUSH fires back and takes the fight to the outside. He batters Lethal’s head with the barricade. The champion chokes Lethal with a camera cord. A back-body drop gives RUSH all the momentum. He stomps on Lethal’s head several times. RUSH strikes a pose and suplexes Lethal into the turnbuckle.

But the challenger rallies with the Lethal Combination. The two rivals trade blows, and both men eventually go down. They both battle on the top rope, and Lethal wins this exchange. “The Franchise” hits Hail to the King for a two count. He locks in the Figure-Four, but RUSH escapes. The champion suplexes Lethal and drills him with a knee to the face.

RUSH locks in a Calf Killer, but Lethal escapes. The challenger dodges a diving senton, and Lethal locks in the Figure-Four, but Kenny King and La Bestia run to the ring to distract him. Bestia blasts Lethal with a chair, and The Foundation runs to the ring. The two stables brawl at ringside. Lethal drops RUSH with a spinebuster, and he hits a cutter. The Lethal Injection earns Lethal a near fall. A nasty forearm drops Lethal. RUSH hits Bull’s Horns, but Lethal rolls out of the ring.

RUSH hits the Bull’s Horns again to win the match.

Winner and still ROH World Champion: RUSH

King and Bestia celebrate with RUSH after the match. LFI beats down Lethal, and The Foundation runs to the ring. RUSH drops Titus and Gresham with title shots. King chokes out Titus with a chair. Brody King comes to the stage and confronts LFI. He says he brought back-up this time, and Tony Deppen charges to the ring. Brody then reveals that’s not all; Chris Dickinson and Homicide return, and they all beat down LFI in the ring. Dickinson hits Kenny King with a brainbuster.

Brody King and Homicide attack Lethal to close the show.



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