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ROH Final Battle Results (12/10/2022)

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Zero Hour:

Mascara Dorada vs. Jeff Cobb

Cobb and Dorada feel each other out, as the masked man goes for a springboard maneuver. Cobb catches him, but Dorada takes him down with an arm drag. Cobb catches Dorada on a dive to the outside and slams him onto the apron. The powerhouse grounds Dorada and uses his strength advantage to control the match. Cobb steps on Dorada’s back and does a surfboard taunt. Dorada rallies and dives onto Cobb on the outside. He gets a two count with a springboard dive. Cobb plants Dorada with a slam and gets a two count with a standing moonsault. Dorada reverses the Tour of the Islands and gets a two count on a pin attempt. A bulldog off the ropes earns Dorada another two count. Cobb evades a moonsault, but Dorada drills him with a clothesline. Cobb clubs him in the back of the head and hits the Tour of the Islands for the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

Dorada and Cobb shake hands after the bout.

A video package highlights the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship match. Another focuses on the ROH Women’s World Championship match.

“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard & “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker vs. Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger & Eli Isom)

Isom and Parker start the match. Parker and Menard mockingly shake Isom’s hand. Cheeseburger and Parker tag in. Parker tells Cheeseburger to shake his hand and goes for a kick. He goes for cheap shot, but Cheeseburger hits an atomic drop. Parker and Menard double-team Cheeseburger and take control. Parker gets a two count with a suplex. The JAS duo continues to maintain the advantage and isolate Cheeseburger. Isom makes the tag and clears house with a flurry of offense. Menard and Parker take control again and pin Isom with a double DDT.

Winners: “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard & “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker

A video package highlights the ROH Pure Championship match between Daniel Garcia and Wheeler Yuta.

Willow Nightingale vs. Trish Adora

Nightingale and Adora feel each other out. Adora gains an early advantage. Willow drops Adora with a shoulder block and slams her. She gets a two count with a low crossbody. Adora goes for a pin attempt. Willow drops Adora with a kick to the head. She continues to gain momentum with a series of strikes. Adora blocks a Doctor Bomb attempt. Adora wrenches Willow over her back in a submission hold. Adora chops Willow, who fires back with a Pounce. The Doctor Bomb clinches the win for Willow.

Winner: Willow Nightingale

A video package hypes up the ROH World Television Championship match between Juice Robinson and Samoa Joe. Another showcases the ROH World Championship match between Chris Jericho and Claudio Castagnoli.

The Kingdom (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) (with Maria Kanellis) vs. Top Flight (Darius Martin & Dante Martin)

Bennett and Dante start the match, but Taven attacks Dante from behind. The former ROH World Tag Team Champions double-team the fan-favorite. Dante rallies and tags Darius. Taven drops him with a kick and levels Dante as well. Taven accidentally takes Bennett out with a kick. The Martin brothers double-team Taven and Bennett. Dante showcases his athleticism. Taven nails Dante with a kick, and Bennett smashes him with a forearm. Dante reverses the Proton Pack and tags Darius, who hits a high crossbody. He fires up with an offensive flurry. Maria distracts him, and Bennett drills him with a forearm. Taven slams Darius with a Purple Thunder Bomb. Bennett grounds Darius and suplexes him. Taven hits a springboard moonsault. The Kingdom double-teams Darius, and Bennett gets a two count. He locks in a Kimura, but Darius escapes. Bennett and Darius trade blows. Darius gains the upper hand and drops Bennett with a Spanish fly.

Taven and Dante tag in. Dante floors Taven with a flurry and hits a standing moonsault for a two count. Top Flight double-teams Taven. Darius floors Taven with a DDT, but Bennett breaks up the pin. Bennett tags in and gangs up on Darius. Bennett tags Dante onto the apron. Dante dives onto him, but Taven hits the Flight of the Conqueror. Dante takes control with a diva. Maria distracts him, but the referee ejects her. Dante breaks up a double-team move. Top Flight hits an innovative double team move for the win.

Winners: Top Flight (Darius Martin & Dante Martin)

A video package highlights The Briscoes’ match with FTR.

Main Show

RUSH & Dralistico (with Preston Vance and Jose the Assistant) vs. AR Fox & Blake Christian

Things are chippy right off the bat, but the referee restores order. Dralistico and Christian start the bout. Dralistico drops Christian with a shoulder block. The two men trade arm drags. They’re evenly matched as they trade counters. RUSH and Fox tag in and trade chops. They exchange forearms as they battle for control, RUSH levels Fox with a stiff shot to the face. The former ROH World Champion slams Christian into the barricade a few times. He drops Christian with a chop and hits him with a camera cord. RUSH chokes him with the cord, and Dralistico slams Fox onto the steel steps. Dralistico and RUSH continue to control the action as they isolate Christian. They floor him with a double dropkick. RUSH and Dralistico play to the crowd, and Christian capitalizes by suplexing Dralistico.

Fox tags in and rallies. He leaps over RUSH and kicks Dralistico through the ropes. Fox dives onto RUSH and Dralistico.

RUSH pulls Fox off the ropes. He slams Christian into the barricade. Dralistico dives onto everyone at ringside. Fox and Christian double-team Dralistico. Fox gets the win with the 450 splash, though it looked like Dralistico kicked out.

Winners: AR Fox & Blake Christian

RUSH and Dralistico attack Fox and Christian after the match. Fox and Christian get laid out with chairshots.

ROH Women’s Championship: Mercedes Martinez (c) vs. Athena

Martinez takes control early on. The two women trade blows. Athena thumbs Martinez with a thumb to the eye and nails her with a forearm. She gains the upper hand with several strikes. She rocks the champion with a backhand. Martinez counters a suplex and drops Athena with a spinebuster. Athena trips Martinez and sends her into the ropes. She goes up top, but Martinez kicks her. The champion goes for the Spider German Suplex, but Athena avoids it. Athena plants Martinez with a powerbomb and suplexes her. She drops the champion with a kick. Martinez gets a two count with a brainbuster. Athena counters a leg lock and sends Martinez into the ropes. Athena slams the champion onto the apron. The fight spills to the outside, and Martinez takes control. She hits an Anarchist Suplex on the floor. Back in the ring, Athena gets a two count with a sneaky pin attempt.

Martinez goes for a Dragon Sleeper, but Athena bites her to evade it. Athena catches Martinez with a knee to the face, but the champion reaches the ropes. Athena rips off the turnbuckle pad. Martinez takes control, but Athena sends her into the exposed turnbuckle with a shotgun dropkick. She hits the O-Face for the win.

Winner and new ROH Women’s World Champion: Athena

Shane Taylor & JD Griffey vs. Swerve in Our Glory (Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee)

Strickland and Griffey feel each other out. Griffey gains the upper hand and showcases his Muay Thai skills. Lee tags, and the crowd chants, “We want Shane.” Taylor tags in, much to the fans’ delight, but Taylor tags out. Taylor squashes Strickland with a leg drop on the apron. Strickland rallies and tags Lee, who squares off with Taylor. The two powerhouses trade blows. Lee catches a diving Taylor. The former ROH World Television Champion drills Lee with a shot to the face. Strickland pulls the rope down when Taylor goes for a lariat, sending him to the outside. Swerve in Our Glory miscommunicates on the Swerve Stomp as Griffey counters it twice. Griffey drills Strickland with a knee to the face. Lee catches a diving Griffey, and Strickland kicks him. Strickland counters Welcome to the Land. Griffey drills him with some strikes. Swerve drops Griffey with a backbreaker.

Taylor pulls Lee off the apron when Swerve goes for a tag. Griffey has Swerve in an arm-bar. After Lee neutralizes Taylor at ringside, “The Limitless One” breaks up the hold with a moonsault. The two teams trade blows. Taylor drills Lee with a stiff shot. Swerve in our Glory double-team Taylor. The big man ducks a strike, so Lee accidentally blasts Swerve. Taylor his Welcome to the Land for a near fall. Swerve backs away and walks out on Lee. Taylor and Griffey double-team Lee, but the powerhouse ducks a kick, so Griffey accidentally nails Taylor. Lee pins Griffey with the Big Bang Catastrophe.

Winners: Swerve in Our Glory (Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee)

ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: Dalton Castle & The Boys (c) vs. The Embassy (Bishop Kaun, Toa Liona & Brian Cage) (with Prince Nana)

Kaun and Castle start the match. Castle exits the ring and hypes himself up by running around. Cage tags in and squares off with Castle. Brandon Tate tags in. Cage curls him like a weight, but the champions trip him up. The Boys double-team Cage. Liona tags in and overpowers them. He drops the brothers with a double shoulder block. The Boys get caught when they dive onto Cage and Liona, and the two powerhouses suplex them on the floor. Cage turns Brandon inside out with a clothesline. Kaun hits a senton for a two count. The Embassy is in complete control. Castle tags in and clears house with a flurry of offense. He suplexes Liona and sends the Tates to the outside with dives onto their opponents. Liona drops both Tates with a double Samoan backdrop. Kaun slams Brent to the mat. Liona slams Castle with a belly-to-belly. Cage clotheslines Brandon and hits the Drill Claw. Castle takes Cage down with a bulldog.

Nana rolls one of the Tates back into the ring, and Liona capitalizes by driving Brent into Castle. The Embassy pins Brent with a triple-team powerbomb.

Winners and new ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: The Embassy (Bishop Kaun, Toa Liona & Brian Cage)

Backstage, Top Flight discuss their win over The Kingdom, and they make it clear that they want to prove themselves against other teams. Angelo Parker and Matt Menard confront them, and the two teams fight. The brawl spills into the arena, and Dante dives off the stage. Security officials break the fight up. Parker insults ROH and says Chris Jericho had to save it. Menard pulls out a purple bucket hat and says that when Claudio Castagnoli loses tonight, he’ll be put in a team with Jake Hager, and they’ll be called Hat Trick. He says Wheeler Yuta will tap out to Daniel Garcia, so it’ll be a clean sweep for the JAS.

ROH Pure Championship: Daniel Garcia (c) vs. Wheeler Yuta

Yuta takes the fight to Garcia and uses two closed-first strikes right away. The match spills out of the ring, and Yuta slams Garcia into the steps. Garcia fires back and Slams Yuta into the steps. The champion grinds Yuta’s face into the turnbuckle. Wheeler turns it around and does the same thing to Garcia. The champion gains the upper hand by wrenching Yuta in the ropes. He sends his opponent into the turnbuckle and locks in a surfboard through the ropes. In doing so, he forces Yuta to use a second rope break. Garcia twists Yuta’s legs and stomps him into the mat. Yuta tries to rally, but Garcia chops him and locks in the Dragon Slayer. Yuta reaches the ropes, so he uses his third and final rope break. Yuta keeps fighting, but Garcia locks in the Sharpshooter. Yuta gets out of it and locks in a Crossface. Garcia goes for a Crossface, but Yuta turns it into a pin attempt. Both men are down after a brainbuster.

Yuta hits a high Angle Slam. Garcia plans Garcia with a piledriver for a two count. He locks in the Sharpshooter, and with Yuta out of rope breaks, he’s forced to desperately claw at Garcia’s face to escape. Garcia rallies and takes Yuta down with a back drop. Yuta hits a piledriver for a two count. Yuta elbows Garcia repeatedly, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner and new ROH Pure Champion: Wheeler Yuta

ROH World Tag Team Championship Double Dog Collar Match: FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) (c) vs. The Briscoes (Mark & Jay Briscoe)

As expected, the two teams take the fight to each other right away. Mark Briscoe gets busted open early on. He and Cash Wheeler fight up to the stage. The Briscoes take control and gang up on Harwood. Jay chokes him with a chain, and Dax is busted open. Jay gets a chair, but Dax sends him crashing into it in the corner. Wheeler pulls Mark by the dog collar, and FTR double-teams him. FTR hits Mark with the steel chain. Dax pulls Jay into the ring post. FTR hits the Doomsday Device. Wheeler chokes Mark with a chain in the Gory Bomb position. He chokes him over the ropes, but Jay breaks the hold. Mark hits the Froggy Bow with the chain for a two count. Everyone is bleeding as the war continues. Dax and Jay keep battling it out in the ring. Dax wraps the chain around his head and hits a diving headbutt.

Jay pulls the referee in front of him, and Dax accidentally hits referee Mike Posey with the chain. Posey is busted wide open, and Paul Turner enters the match to replace him.

Jay fires up with some jabs, and he dumps Dax with a back suplex. Wheeler slams Mark on the apron. Mark and Wheeler battle on the apron. Wheeler pulls Mark off the top rope and crashing down onto a pile of chairs. Jay drops Dax with the Jay Driller on a chain for a near fall. Jay hits Dax with a chair. Dax hits Jay below the belt and hits a piledriver for a two count. Dax goes to the top rope, but Jay pulls the chain between his legs. He knocks Wheeler off the apron. Jay hits a superplex onto a pile of chairs for a two count. Jay wraps the chain around Dax’s mouth, and he passes out.

Winners and new ROH World Tag Team Champions: The Briscoes

FTR shows their appreciation to the crowd. The Gunns (Austin & Colten Gunn) attack FTR. The Gunns vow to kill FTR’s legacy. The Briscoes return to the ring to stop The Gunns. Harwood is still on the canvas, but he declares that FTR’s mission is to beat The Gunns.

ROH World Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Juice Robinson

Robinson takes the fight to Joe early on. Joe overpowers him and gains the upper hand. Outside of the ring, Robinson takes control when he escapes a choke and slams Joe into the barricade. He hits a running senton. Joe takes control again and grounds Robinson with a chin lock. Robinson hits Joe with his signature jabs. Joe drops him with a boot and hits a senton. Juice drops Joe with a spinebuster. He drills Joe with a series of strikes in the corner. Juice hits a cannonball in the corner. A crossbody earns Juice a two count. Joe rallies and locks in an STF and transitions into a crossface, but Juice reaches the ropes. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster, but Juice counters it into a sunset flip for a two count. The champion crotches Juice on the ropes and hits the Muscle Buster for the win.

Winner and still ROH World Television Champion: Samoa Joe

ROH World Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Jericho refuses to shake Castagnoli’s hand. He runs out of the ring and chases commentators Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaboni, but Castagnoli drills the champion with an upper cut. In the ring, Claudio takes the fight to Jericho and drops him with a Neutralizer for a two count. He hits a gut-wrench suplex for a two count. Castagnoli presses Jericho over his head and kicks him off the apron. Jericho sends Castagnoli into the ring post and takes control. Jericho and Castagnoli trade blows. The challenger drills Jericho with an European uppercut. Jericho gains the upper hand and punches Claudio in the corner. Jericho goes for a super hurricanrana, and while Castagnoli counters once, Jericho hits the second attempt. Castagnoli counters the Codebreaker. Jericho sends him to the outside. The challenger counters dropkick with a European uppercut. Jericho suplexes Castagnoli off the apron.

Claudio rallies with a big boot. Jericho fires back with one of his own. Both men are down after a double clothesline. The two competitors exchange strikes, and they refuse to go down. Jericho rakes Castagnoli’s eye. The challenger goes for the swing, but Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho. Castagnoli escapes and drills Jericho with the European uppercut. Angelo Parker and Matt Menard come to ringside. With the referee distracted, Jericho blasts Castagnoli with a bat for a two count. The referee ejects Parker and Menard from ringside. Castagnoli rolls him up for a two count. Jericho hits the Codebreaker. Castagnoli swings Jericho until he taps.

Winner and new ROH World Champion: Claudio Castagnoli

Castagnoli celebrates with Wheeler Yuta and Jerry Lynn.


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