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ROH Final Battle Results (12/15/2023)

Ring of Honor presented a star-studded show with ROH Final Battle on December 15.

The results are as follows:

Zero Hour Pre-Show

In a video package, ROH Women’s World Champion Athena says she will leave ROH forever if she leaves tonight.

Taya Valkyrie (with Johnny TV) vs. Jazmin Allure

Valkyrie controls the action early on. Allure rallies. Valkyrie hits a sliding German suplex and grounds Allure. Allure fires up with some strikes. Valkyrie hits a superplex and slams Allure. She stomps Allure’s face to the mat and pins her.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

A video package hypes up the match between Shane Taylor and Keith Lee. Another video package highlights the “I Quit” match between Tony Nese and Ethan Page.

The Von Erichs (Marshall & Ross Von Erich) vs. The Outrunners

Ross and Truth Magnum start the bout. They feel each other out early on. Ross gains the upper hand and scores a two-count with a hurricanrana. The Outrunners regroup on the outside. Turbo Floyd tags in and goes for a suplex. Marshall reverses and slams Turbo twice. He hits an elbow drop. Ross signals for the Iron Claw, and The Outrunners head to the outside.

Turbo drops Ross with a cheap shot. The Outrunners take control. Ross rallies and tags Marshall, who clears house with a flurry of offense. He hits The Outrunners with clotheslines in the corner. The Von Erichs slam Turbo. They double-dropkick Truth. The brothers lock in the Iron Claw for the win.

Winners: The Von Erichs

Kevin Von Erich comes down and celebrates with his sons.

Survival of the Fittest Qualifier: Bryan Keith vs. Jack Cartwheel

Keith and Cartwheel feel each other out early on. Cartwheel showcases his impressive athleticism and takes control. Cartwheel lives up to his name and does a cartwheel. Keith blasts him with a dropkick. He gains the upper hand and keeps Cartwheel grounded. Keith drills Cartwheel with some stiff blows. Cartwheel takes him down with a dragon screw. He drops Keith with a neckbreaker.

Cartwheel catches Keith with a powerslam. He slams Keith again with a Spicolli driver. Cartwheel sends Keith to the outside. He dives onto Keith on the outside. Cartwheel drills Keith with some kicks. Keith blasts Cartwheel with a knee and slams him for the win.

Winner: Bryan Keith

Tony Khan comes to the stage and highlights the epic rivalry between FTR and The Briscoes from last year. He brings up Jay Briscoe’s classic match with Bryan Danielson. Khan thanks the fans.

Daniel Garcia vs. Blake Christian

Garcia and Christian battle for positioning early on. They go back and forth. Garcia takes Christian to the mat. He drills him with a chop. Christian does a handspring off the ropes and rocks Garcia with a kick. He drills Garcia with another kick. Christian continues to control the action. Garcia rallies with a series of strikes. He kicks Christian in the Tree of Woe position. Christian drops Garcia with a backbreaker.

Christian hits a springboard forearm to the back of the head. He nails Garcia with another kick. They trade blows. Christian hits a modified Spanish fly for a two-count. Garcia counters a springboard 450 into a submission hold. He transitions into an ankle lock. Christian sends him to the outside and dives onto him. He gets a two-count with a spirngboard 450. Garcia locks on the Dragon-tamer for the win.

Winner: Daniel Garcia

Backstage, ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston asks Tony Khan why he doesn’t have a match. Anthony Henry accepts and challenges Kingston to a match. Khan says that Henry will earn a title shot if he wins or lasts ten seconds.

Main Card

AAA Mega Championship: El Hijo del Vikingo (c) vs. Black Taurus

Vikingo and Taurus trade fast-paced offense. Taurus catches Vikingo with a shoulder block. They exchange blows. Vikingo sends Taurus to the outside to the outside and hits a dropkick. The champion dives onto him. Taurus drops him with a powerbomb onto the floor. He gains the upper hand and dumps Vikingo the floor. He dives onto Vikingo on the outside. Taurus hits a pop-up Samoan drop. Vikingo gains the upper hand and takes Taurus down with a hurricanrana.

He hits another spinning hurricanrana. Vikingo dives onto Taurus at ringside. He hits a springboard dropkick. Taurus pounces him into the corner. He takes Taurus down with a super Frankensteiner. Vikingo ricks Taurus as they battle on the apron. He slams Taurus onto the apron. Taurus fires up and slams Vikingo off the top rope. Taurus hits a moonsault Samoan driver as they keep battling. Taurus drills Vikingo with a stiff shot. Vikingo dives onto Taurus on the outside. Taurus levels Vikingo with a lariat. Vikingo hits double knees in the corner, and the 630 splash scores him the win.

Winner and still AAA Mega Champion: El Hijo del Vikingo

The commentary team runs through the card.

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: Brian Cage & The Gates of Agony (Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona) (c) vs. TMDK (Bad Dude Tito, Kosei Fujita & Shane Haste)

Kaun and Fujita start the match and feel each other out. Kaun overpowers Fujita and gains the upper hand. Kaun and Tito trade blows. Tito slams Kaun and takes control. He drives Kaun into the corner, and TMDK gains the upper hand. Kaun levels Fujita with a lariat. Cage tags in and maintains the advantage. He blasts Fujita, who counters a powerbomb and dumps him with a German suplex. Tito tags in and slams Cage. He dives onto Kaun. Haste tags in and catches Liona with a dropkick.

Tito slams Cage. Haste hits a cannonball and gets a two-count. Liona slams Haste. Liona and Kaun go to double-team Haste, but he escapes. Liona drops him with a Spear. Tito slams Cage with a Spicolloi driver. Fuijita tags in, and TMDK gains the upper hand. Fujita gets a two-count with a missile dropkick. He battles with Kaun. Kaun catches him with an impactful dropkick. Cage suplexes Fuijita. The champions take control, and Fuijita is left by himself. They slam him for the win.

Winners and still ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: Brian Cage and Mogul Embassy

A video package hypes up the “I Quit” match between Tony Nese and Ethan Page.

I Quit Match: Ethan Page vs. Tony Nese

Mark Henry comes out before the match to handcuff Mark Sterling to the ring post. Nese takes the fight to Page. Page unloads on him with a series of strikes. He sends Nese to the outside. They brawl at ringside before they return to the ring. Sterling goes to throw some protein powder in Page’s face, but he accidentally blinds Nese with it. Page grabs Sterling, and Nese attacks him. Nese tells Page to quit. He slams Page into the steps, and Page is busted open. Page perseveres and punches Nese. He sends him over the barricade and onto the floor.

Nese dives onto Page. He gets a 45-pound plate and goes to hit Page, but he moves. Nese slams Page into the barricade. He grabs a rope and whips Page with it. Nese grabs a mic and says he can’t take anymore, and he is seemingly about to quit. Instead, he hits Page with a cheap shot, knocks him to the outside, and dives onto him. Nese gets a table, but Page blasts him with a kick. Page slams Nese through a table.

Nese hits a hurricanrana off the top rope. Nese gets the keys and uncuffs Sterling after shoving the referee down. Sterling and Nese gang up on Page. Nese brings the weight plate into the ring. Scorpio Sky comes out and takes the fight to Sterling. Page avoids the plate and crushes Nese’s hands under it. He DDTs Nese onto the plate and hits Sterling with it. Page slams Sterling with the Ego’s Edge. Sky takes Sterling to the back. Page goes for the Ego’s Edge, but Nese escapes and hits him with a chair. He handcuffs Page and threatens to smash his head if he doesn’t quit. Page remains defiant and takes the fight to him while he’s handcuffed. The referee uncuffs Page.

Page nails Nese with a chair. He chokes Nese with the handcuffs and makes him quit.

Winner: Ethan Page

Page hugs Sky after the match.

A video package highlights Sting’s last match at AEW Revolution.

Nyla Rose vs. VertVixen

Nyla Rose overpowers VertVixen and hits a splash. She goes for a powerbomb, but VertVixen escapes. VertVixen hits a slingshot kick. Rose gains the upper hand and drills VertVixen with a shot to the face. Rose hits a diving knee and powerbombs VertVixen. Rose powerbombs VertVixen for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Survival of the Fittest match for ROH World Television Championship: Dalton Castle vs. Lee

Moriarty vs. Kyle Fletcher vs. Komander vs. Lee Johnson vs. Bryan Keith

Fletcher and Moriarty feel each other out early on. Fletcher sends Castle to the outside. Johnson takes control with a dropkick and sends Castle to the outside. Johnson and Komander go back and forth. Keith squares off with Castle. Fletcher slams Keith. Keith and Fletcher trade blows. Fletcher gains the upper hand. Castle sends Fletcher to the outside. Komander dives onto a group of his opponents at ringside. Moriarty snaps Johnson’s fingers and makes him tap out to the Border City Stretch.

Lee Johnson has been eliminated.

Castle gains the upper hand. Johnny TV comes out and applauds. Moriarty pins Castle and eliminates him.

Dalton Castle has been eliminated.

Fletcher and Moriarty battle it out with Komander and Keith. Keith and Fletcher go crashing to the mat after a slam from the top. Komander rolls up Moriarty for a two-count. Keith dumps Moritarty with a neck-breaker. Keith drills Moriarty with some strikes and hits the Tiger Driver for the three count.

Lee Moriarty has been eliminated.

Fletcher unloads on Keith with some strikes. He drops Keith with a Tombstone and eliminates him.

Bryan Keith has been eliminated.

Komander and Fletcher trade blows. Komander hits a Poisonrana and kicks Fletcher. Fletcher fires back with a kick and hits a Tombstone on the apron. Back in the ring, Fletcher drills Komander with a kick and gets a near fall with a brainbuster. Komander rallies with a springboard destroyer for a near fall. Komander hits a slingshot stomp and nails a 450 stomp onto the apron. He hits another 450 Splash for a near-fall. Fletcher hits a brainbuster onto the turnbuckle for a two-count. He hits a Tombstone for the win.

Winner and new ROH World Television Champion: Kyle Fletcher

A video package hypes up AEW All In 2024.

ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta (c) vs. Tom Lawlor

Yuta and Lawlor feel each other out early on. They’re evenly matched, and Lawlor traps Yuta in an arm-bar. Yuta takes control and grounds Lawlor. Lawlor and Yuta trade blows. They keep battling. Lawlor drills Yuta with a Spear. He slams Yuta to the mat for a two-count. Yuta traps Lawlor in an Octopus stretch. He traps Lawlor for a pin attempt and gets a two-count. Lawlor overpowers Yuta and grounds him briefly. Yuta locks in a Boston crab.

Lawlor escapes and slams Yuta to the mat. He slams Yuta again with a Hammerlock piledriver. Yuta gets a warning for using a closed fist to the face. Yuta drills Lawlor with some stiff strikes to the face. Lawlor suplexes Yuta off the top and traps him in a Kimura, forcing Yuta to use his final rope break. Lawlor keeps the wrist-lock on and wrenches it. Yuta turns it into a pin attempt. He goes for a pin, stacks Lawlor up and pins him.

Winner and still ROH Pure Champion: Wheeler Yuta

Keith Lee vs. Shane Taylor

Lee and Taylor square off and feel each other out early on. They’re evenly matched as they battle for positioning. The two foes trade shoulder blocks. Lee gains the upper hand. Taylor takes control. Taylor hits a leg drop on the apron. Lee and Taylor trade blows. Taylor gets a two-count. He slams Lee and continues to control the action. Lee drills Taylor with some stiff shots. Lee Moriarty comes out and distracts Lee. Lee slams him into the ring and powerbombs him. Taylor blasts Lee in the back of the head.

Lee slams Taylor off the top for a two-count. Taylor nails Lee with a stiff shot to the face. Lee fires back with a slam for the win.

Winner: Keith Lee

Backstage, Tony Schiavone interviews Bryan Keith. Keith says he wants to prove himself, and he is here to collect gold. AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy confronts Keith and challenges him to a title match on AEW Collision.

Fight Without Honor AT ROH Final Battle

Fight Without Honor: Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson & Claudio

Castagnoli) vs. FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) vs. Mark Briscoe

Moxley and Harwood feel each other out early on. Castagnoli tags in and squares off with Harwood. They trade blows. Danielson tags in and chops Harwood. They go back and forth. Wheeler tags in and exchanges trikes with Danielson. Blackpool Combat Club gangs up on Wheeler. Wheeler drives Castagnoli into his corner. Briscoe tags in and takes control. At ringside, Moxley slams Harwood into the barricade. Back in the ring, he takes the fight to Briscoe.

Blackpool Combat Club isolates Harwood. Castagnoli swings Harwood. Moxley and his stablemates maintain the advantage. Harwood rallies and dumps Castagnoli with a German suplex. Briscoe clears house with a flurry of offense. Wheeler and Briscoe double-team Danielson. Wheeler lands hard on the outside and tweaks his knee. Danielson dishes out some stiff kicks. Harwood, Wheeler, and Briscoe take turns diving onto Danielson.

Harwood drops Castagnoli with a piledriver. The match breaks down into chaos as bodies are flying. The two teams brawl. Danielson breaks up the Shatter Machine. Blackpool Combat Club triple-teams Briscoe. Castagnoli drills Briscoe with a series of forearms. FTR and Briscoe hit Castagnoli with the Shatter Machine for a two-count. The two teams brawl again, and the fight spills out of the ring. Harwood and Moxley brawl into the crowd. The referee calls for the bell as the brawl continues. Referees and officials come out to separate them.

Mark Briscoe grabs a microphone and tells them to restart the match as an Anything Goes Match. The match restarts as a Fight Without Honor.

The fight continues. In the ring, Castagnoli slams Briscoe’s head into the turnbuckle. FTR suplexes Moxley onto the floor. Briscoe fires up and dives onto Castagnoli at ringside. Briscoe pours some tacks onto a table. Moxley gouges Harwood with a fork. Briscoe gets slammed onto a barbed wire ladder. Danielson traps Wheeler in the LeBell Lock, and Moxley grinds him with barbed wire. Moxley takes Briscoe down and traps him in the choke. Wheeler rallies and tackles Castagnoli through a table. Harwood hits a piledriver through a tack-covered table.

Danielson kicks Briscoe, who flips him off. Mark Briscoe hits the Jay Driller for the win.

Winners: FTR and Mark Briscoe

Briscoe sends an emotional message to Jay Briscoe as he speaks into the camera.

ROH World Championship Proving Ground Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Anthony Henry

Kingston gains an early advantage with a flurry of strikes. Henry sends him to the outside and drills him with a kick. Henry takes control and grounds Kingston. Kingston and Henry trade blows. Kingston unloads with a flurry of chops. They keep battling. Henry drops Kingston with a piledriver. Kingston makes Henry tap out to the Stretch Plum.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

A video package hypes up the main event.

ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena (c) vs. Billie Starkz

Athena comes out with a Bane mask/cosplay. She is wearing a protective mask due to her broken nose. Starkz takes the fight to Athena. The challenger dives onto Athena, but Athena catches her and slams her into the barricade. Athena slams Starkz’s head and busts her open. She maintains the advantage. Starkz briefly rallies with a pin attempt, but Athena takes control again. Athena slams Starkz onto the apron. Starkz suplexes Athena into the corner. She dumps Athena with a modified suplex. Starkz keeps rolling with a Spear. She targets Athena’s injured nose and hits her.

Starkz drops Athena with a clothesline and drops her with a kick to the face. She gets a two-count with a Swanton. Starkz dives onto Athena at ringside and slams her into the barricade. Athena evades Starkz, sending her knee-first into the barricade. Athena dropkicks Starkz into the barricade. She talks some trash and slaps Starkz. Starkz counters a suplex and suplexes Athena off the broadcast table. Starks suplexes Athena on the floor.

She again slams Athena onto the floor. Athena gains the upper hand and gets Starkz back in the ring. Athena gets a two-count with a stalling German suplex from the top rope. The referee gets knocked down. Athena drills Starkz with a running forearm. She tells Lexy Nair to bring her the title. Starkz dropkicks Athena from behind and slams her for a two-count. Starkz drops Athena with an electric chair driver onto the apron. Athena dodges a dive from Starkz and drills her with a shot to the face. Starkz and Athena trade blows. Athena hits the Despicable Knee for a one count.

Starkz counters the O-Face. Athena goes for the Star 10, but Starkz reverses. The champion traps Starkz in an innovative submission hold, and Starkz taps out.

Winner and still ROH Women’s World Champion: Athena

Athena and Stark stare each other down. Starkz walks away, but Athena grabs her. Starkz shoves her and yells at her. Billie offers her a handshake, but Athena doesn’t accept. Athena says she wants Billie to be her Minion. Billie high-fives Athena, and they hug it out.

Athena, Billie, and Lexy Nair celebrate together.


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