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ROH Pure Tournament Results (9/28/2020)

We are locked and loaded for week 3 of the Pure Wrestling Tournament. Quinn McKay is our host and we get a review of the tournament of far. Jonathan Gresham, Jay Lethal, David Finlay and Matt Sydal have advanced. We delve right into the lives of Fred Yehi and Silas Young. Yehi is an 8 year veteran who grew up in a rough environment. Drugs were abound but pro wrestling was his salvation. Silas Young, resplendent in a beautiful new suit talk about his humble beginnings in Ring of Honor. Professional Wrestling's Last Real Man (best nickname in the business by the way) admits he's unfamiliar with Fred Yehi.

Reminder of the rules:

-15 minute time limit

-3 judges decide the winner

-Code of Honor must me adhered to

-3 rope breaks only over the course of a match

-Closed fist to the face result in a warning, the 2nd is an automatic disqualification

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman have the call.

Silas Young vs. Fred Yehi

Intense staredown to start things off. Collar and elbow, neither can get the edge and we get a slap from Young. Kick by Yehi, we've got some jaw jacking. Another lockup, go behind by Yehi, Silas counters into a arm twist. Yehi reverses into a takedown for 1. A series of hammerlocks, Young with a knee to the back, Yehi with a takedown, Young seems impressed. Test of strength, Yehi with a takedown, he puts serious pressure on the wrist and fingers. Headlock by Yehi, he scores a shoulderblock for 1. Yehi seems very confident but Young continues the trash talk. Another test of strength, bodyscissors takedown by Young into a 1/2 crab. Yehi wrenches the foot to escape and locks in a leglock of his own.

5 minutes gone

Young makes the ropes for his first break. Yehi with a takedown and a kick to the face and a chop. Silas fores back but Yehi gets a series of kneestrikes in the corner and stomps the left hand. Young with a palm strike, counters by a backhand by Yehi, Koji clutch by Yehi into a rollup for 2. Big boot tot he face by Silas. Tornado DDT by Young for 2.

10 minutes gone.

Full nelson attempt by Silas, rollup by Yehi for 2, follwed by a German suplex and a running knee. Tyoung counters a suplex attempt with one of his own. Chop by Young, he sets up and connects a superplex. Kneestrike and neckbreaker by Silas. Small package for 2 by Young and runnning knee. They exchange chops. Young with a Milwaukee plunge but Yehi with a small package for the pin.

WINNER: Fred Yehi

WE go immediately to commercial and a profile on the amazing amateur background of Josh The Goods Woods and the Consigliere of La Faccion Ingobernoble and 2 time ROH TV Champion, Kenny King.

Josh Woods vs. Kenny King

Obviously Code of Honor adhered to and we get a lock up, this is Woods' wheelhouse. Single leg by King and a front facelock, Woods bullies him to the grond and slaps a headlock on. Woods reverses into a head lock but a reversal and armdrag by King into an armbar. Woods turns it into a font facelock. Woods maintains control. Rollup by Woods for 2. King invites him to grapple on the mat. Greco Roman lockup, King gets the front facelock, Woods immediately reverses it, King bullies into a top position, Woods pulls guard and tries a Kimura but snags a choke. King rolls him up for 1, breaking the hold.

5 minutes gone.

Ankle lock by Woods into a kneebar, King makes the ropes for his first break. They exchange on the outside and King connects with a kick to the leg. Boot to the head by King. Back in the ring, knee lifts and a shoulder strike. King nails a closed fist and gets his warning. Stomps by King, a legdrop for 1. King traps a headlock, Josh elbows out of it. Flying forearm and a belly to belly by Woods. Knee strike for 2 by Woods, I love what this kid brings. GTS by Woods.

10 minutes gone.

Woods with a stomp and a whip into the corner. King with a Royal Flush for 2, Woods uses a rope break. King sets up a superplex but Woods reverses in mid air, both men are down. They make it up and exchange forearms, Woods gets the better. King with a rollup for 2. Boot to the face by Woods. Elbows by Woods.

One minute left.

King with chops. Woods responds in kind. King grabs a single leg crab as time runs out. We go to the judges.

WINNER: Josh Woods by 2-1 vote

We go to credits


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