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ROH Results (02/01/2024)

This week’s episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling on HonorClub kicks off with Dalton Castle backstage with Lexy Nair once again trying to punch Johnny TV in the face. Jerry Lynn breaks it up before anything can happen.

It’s brought up that Castle e-mailed Jerry Lynn about getting his friend a spot in Ring of Honor, Lynn said he can have a match next week. Johnny TV volunteers to face Castle’s friend which infuriates him as he throws a piece of cheese against a wall.

Angelico and Serpentico defeated Kameron and Allen Russell

Angelico wins the match via submission to pick up the win for his team.

Griff Garrison, Cole Karter, and Maria Kanellis come out on the ramp to taunt Serptentico with his mask as they are chased to the back.

Nyla Rose defeated Emmy Camacho

Nyla Rose hits Emmy Camacho with a Torture Rack into a cutter to score the pinfall victory.

The Iron Savages and Jacked Jameson defeated Jon Cruz, KM, and Brandon Hunter

Iron Savages and Jacked Jameson win a very quick squash match by pinfall.

“All Ego” Ethan Page has new gear in Ring of Honor thanks to his daughter

Ethan Page is backstage. Page says he believes he’s still on the right path to the Ring of Honor World Television Championship, but his family thinks differently because he keeps coming home empty-handed. Page says his gear and ring jacket that he’s currently wearing were designed by his daughter with her choice of color scheme.

Ethan Page says he will win tonight and will continue to wear this gear and these colors until the day his hand is raised, and his hand holds gold so he can never return home empty-handed ever again.

Dalton Castle (w/ The Boys) defeated Aaron Solo

Dalton Castle hits Aaron Solo with The Bangarang to score the pinfall victory.

Nyla Rose confronts Lexy Nair backstage asking where Billie Starkz is. Nair says she doesn’t know but she knows she’s in the building because she has a match later on tonight. Rose continues to threaten and scare Nair reminding her that she’s her minion now.

Rose says Ring of Honor will be in Athena’s hometown next week. Nyla says she better make Starkz fall in line or she’ll powerbomb Nair through a table like she did to the cameraman last week.

Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions The Undisputed Kingdom defeated Tom Lawlor and Fred Rosser in a Proving Ground Match

The Undisputed Kingdom hit a double-team move on Fred Rosser. Mike Bennet scores the pinfall victory for his team.

Ethan Page defeated Slim J

Ethan Page hits Slim J with Ego’s Edge to score the pinfall victory.

Billie Starkz defeated Killa Kate

Billie Starkz hits Killa Kate with Star 10 to score the pinfall victory.

The ROH Women’s TV Championship brackets will be revealed soon

Rachael Ellering is backstage. Ellering says the tournament brackets will be released soon for the Ring of Honor Women’s Television Championship and she’s really excited about it. Ellering brings Leyla Hirsch in off-camera, and they discuss how important this tournament means to them. There was no specific date given when these brackets will be announced.

The Righteous defeated The Infantry

Vincent hits Orange Sunshine on Carlie Bravo to score the pinfall victory for his team.

Red Velvet is backstage. Velvet says she’s feeling great heading into tonight’s match. Velvet says when she wins tonight all eyes will be on her.

Queen Aminata defeated Reiza Clark

Queen Aminata hits Reiza Clark with a top-rope double stomp to score the pinfall victory.

Bad Dude Tito defeated Gringo Loco

Bad Dude Tito scores a pinfall victory over Gringo Loco.

Dalton Castle is backstage standing in a bucket. Lexy Nair grills Castle about Johnny TV’s opponent next week. Castle refuses to give any answer and just reiterates that his friend will face Johnny TV next week.

Red Velvet defeated Trish Adora, Kiera Hogan, and Diamante in a Four Corner Survival Match

Red Velvet hits Trish Adora with The Mix to score the pinfall victory.

Lee Johnson defeated Blake Christian, Jack Cartwheel, and Alex Zayne in a Four Corner Survival Match

Lee Johnson gets the pinfall victory on Jack Cartwheel

Johnson celebrates his win as Ring of Honor goes off the air.


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