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ROH Results (02/08/2024)

This week’s episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling on HonorClub kicks off with some in-ring action.

The Workhorsemen defeated Sayrus GT and Brillante RB

Anthony Henry pins Sayrus GT to pick up the victory for his team.

Lexy Nair and Jerry Lynn are backstage at the locker room of Dalton Castle’s friend. Castle says his friend is busy and can’t talk right now. Johnny TV and Taya Valkyrie show up looking for Castle’s friend too. Lynn says Castle can’t interfere in the match, or he’ll be suspended. Castle says he’ll watch it from a monitor in the back, so there will be nothing to worry about.

Ethan Page defeated Aaron Solo

Ethan Page hits Aaron Solo with Ego’s Edge to secure the pinfall victory.

El Hijo del Vikingo and Penta El Zero Mideo defeated KM and Jon Cruz

Penta El Zero Miedo pins Jon Cruz to score the pinfall victory for his team.

Billie Starkz is backstage. Lexy Nair approaches and says she has a big match tonight and hands her a clipboard from Nyla Rose. Starkz gives it back and says if Nyla Rose wants to come to her, she’s not too hard to find.

Johnny TV (w/ Taya Valkyrie) versus Hombre De Pavao Real De Montana ends in a no-contest

Hombre De Pavao Real De Montana is quickly revealed to be Dalton Castle, and Johnny TV refuses to have the match.

Dalton Castle begs for a match with Johnny TV and says he’ll give him anything he wants. Johnny TV will tell Castle what he wants next week as Taya Valkyrie laughs at him.

Shane Taylor Promotions look to create change in 2024

Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty are backstage. Taylor says he’s still fighting for change and he believes in 2024 the change is here with Shane Taylor Promotions. Taylor issues a call to action to anyone on the ROH or AEW rosters that are tired of being overlooked and wants a chance to come and fight with them in Shane Taylor Promotions.

Billie Starkz defeated Araya Thorn

Nyla Rose comes out during the match and sets up a table at ringside. Billie Starkz wins the match via submission.

Nyla Rose says she and Billie Starkz have unfinished business and she’s been dodging her for weeks now. Rose wants to know if she’s gonna be a good minion or if she’s going to put her through the table.

Billie Starkz says Rose is full of surprise, but she has a surprise of her own. Athena makes her return and attacks Rose from behind. Athena puts Rose through the table at ringside.

Diamante defeated Kiera Hogan, Trish Adora, and Leyla Hirsch in a Four Corner Survival Match

Diamante gets a flash rollup pin on Leyla Hirsch after an unintentional distraction from Rachael Ellering to score the victory.

Shane Taylor Productions, Cole Karter, and Griff Garrison (w/Maria Kanellis) defeated The Infantry and The Iron Savages

Lee Moriarty scores the pinfall victory for his team.

Serpentico attacks Cole Karter and Griff Garrison on the stage and gets his mask back, but a distraction from Maria Kanellis leads to them attacking Serptentico from behind and stealing his mask back.

Tensions are running high in Ring of Honor

Leyla Hirsch and Rachael Ellering are backstage. Ellering apologizes for the miscommunication earlier, and Hirsch accepts. Hirsch says the Women’s TV Title Tournament is approaching and she has Ellering’s back; she just wants to make sure she has hers.

Lee Johnson defeated Gravity

Lee Johnson scores the victory over Gravity via pinfall.

Lexy Nair is backstage with Dalton Castle. Castle says he has no idea what Johnny TV wants from him in order to get their match. Dalton is losing his mind that he has to wait for a week to find out what Johnny TV wants. Castle says he wants cheese and gets into a dryer and Nair shuts him in.

Taya Valkyrie (w/ Johnny TV) defeated Killa Kate

Taya Valkyrie hits Killa Kate with a surfboard curb stomp to secure the pinfall victory.

Komander defeated Jack Cartwheel, AR Fox, and Willie Mack in a Four Corner Survival Match

Komander hits a top rope Shooting Star Press on Jack Cartwheel to score the pinfall victory.

Athena is backstage with Lexy Nair and Billie Starkz who leave to let her cut a promo. Athena says Ring of Honor is her show and that she’s coming to get revenge on Nyla Rose. Rose attacks Athena from behind and puts her through a table at Ring of Honor goes off the air.


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