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ROH Results (03/23/2023)

Ring of Honor Wrestling kicks off with a backstage interview with Television Champion Samoa Joe. He said he thinks Mark Briscoe has forgotten about the type of man he’s about to step into the ring with at Supercard of Honor and says he will host an open challenge tonight to remind Briscoe of what he’s getting himself into.

Mark Briscoe defeated Tony Nese

Mark Briscoe hits the Froggy Bow elbow drop to score the pinfall victory.

Metalik, AR Fox, and Blake Christian defeated The Trustbusters

AR Fox hits the 450 splash on Ari Daivari to score the pinfall victory for his team.

Ring of Honor Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Embassy jump Metalik, Fox, and Christian after the match and left them laying. It certainly appears this will be the title match at Supercard of Honor.

Skye Blue defeated Lady Frost

Skye Blue hit Sky Fall on Lady Frost to pick up the pinfall victory.

Rush and Dralistico defeated Rhett Titus & Tracy Williams

Rush hit Bull’s Horns on Rhett Titus to score the pinfall victory for his team.

Caprice Coleman has a sitdown interview backstage with Claudio Castagnoli and Eddie Kingston. Castagnoli apologizes for what he said about Kingston. He said Kingston does have honor, but he should be the Ring of Honor Champion.

Kingston said Castagnoli’s apology doesn’t mean anything to him. He said the only thing that means anything to him is defeating him for that title. Kingston said the lineage of the underdog belongs to him. Kingston said he’ll force him to do business this time.

Castagnoli says Kingston always quits when things get hard and that he can’t defeat him for the Ring of Honor Championship.

Kingston asks for the title shot again, and Castagnoli says he’ll give it to him, but he’s telling everyone now that he’ll have all the excuses in the world when he loses, and he’ll quit the company again.

Matt Taven defeated Darius Martin

Maria Kanelis tripped Darius Martin as he was getting back into the ring, allowing Matt Taven to hit the Climax to pick up the pinfall victory.

The Kingdom were going to attack after the match, but Dante Martin comes out to make the save for his brother.

Brian Cage defeated Tony Deppen

Brian Cage hit the Drillclaw on Tony Deppen to score the pinfall victory.

The Embassy attacks Deppen after the match, which leads to Metalik, Christian, and Fox coming out with various weapons to make the save.

Shane Taylor defeated Silas Young

Shane Taylor hits the package piledriver on Silas Young to secure the pinfall win.

Billie Starkz defeated Miranda Alize

Billie Starkz hit the Starkz Driver on Miranda Alize to score the pinfall victory.

Aussie Open defeated Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal

Kyle Fletcher manages to get the pinfall victory after Aussie Open hits Corealis on Christopher Daniels.

Samoa Joe defeated Cheeseburger to retain the Ring of Honor Television Championship

Samoa Joe delivered the Muscle Buster on Cheeseburger to keep his title.

Samoa Joe hits a second Muscle Buster on Cheeseburger after the match. Joe goes outside and grabs a steel chair, and brings it into the ring. This brings out Mark Briscoe with a steel chair of his own. This sends Samoa Joe running up the aisle as Ring of Honor goes off the air.


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