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ROH Results (04/04/2024)

Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions Undisputed Kingdom go to a time-limit draw with The Infantry in a Proving Ground Match

By taking the Undisputed Kingdom to a time-limit draw, The Infantry earn a shot at the titles at Supercard of Honor

Kyle Fletcher is backstage, but he’s interrupted by Lee Johnson. Johnson says if Fletcher has so much to say, to say it to his face. Fletcher says Johnson was in the match when he won the TV Championship, and Johnson was the first person eliminated. Fletcher says he’s going to be the greatest of all time one day, and Johnson will never be in his atmosphere.

Johnson says while he’s been busy with the Don Callis Family he hasn’t made the time to come to Ring of Honor, but he’s been on a roll lately. Johnson says Fletcher is crazy if he thinks he’s the same competitor he faced last year. Fletcher says there’s no chance that Johnson will take the championship from him.

Anna Jay vs Nikita

Anna Jay hits Nikita with a Gory Special to score the pinfall victory.

Dalton Castle is backstage. Castle says Johnny TV has torched everything of his in hopes of hurting him, but like a peacock phoenix hybrid, he will rise from the ashes. Castle says he will destroy Johnny TV at Supercard of Honor.

Winner: Anna Jay

Johnny TV says “Honor” sucks

We then hear from Johnny TV, who is currently out in Los Angeles. Johnny says he’s the kind of guy that Ring of Honor always needed, but instead, they had guys like Dalton Castle who aren’t TV-ready. Johnny believes if he was in Ring of Honor five years ago, they’d still be on TV.

TV says at Supercard of Honor, that if Castle thinks he can’t sink any lower, he’s going to prove him wrong. Johnny questions if a fight with honor is even a thing because, at the end of the day, honor sucks.

Lee Johnson vs Nick Comoroto

Mr. Watts watches the match from the ramp. Lee Johnson hits Nick Comoroto with a top rope frog splash to score the pinfall victory.

Winner: Lee Johnson

Cole Karter and Griff Garrison are backstage. Garrison says they are going to maintain their momentum by continuing to be themselves and thanks Maria for their support. Karter says he’s stressed out because they can’t find Maria.

Serpentico arrives and says he knows where Maria is and says if they sign this document he’ll tell them. Karter signs the contract without looking. Serpentico says he has no idea where Maria is, but he’ll see them tomorrow. It’s revealed they signed a contract to face Serpentico and Angelico tomorrow on Zero Hour.

Alexia Nicole vs Nyla Rose

Nyla Rose hits Alexia Nicole with a Torture Rack cutter to win the match via pinfall.

Jacoby Watts is doing weird things in Ring of Honor

Nick Comoroto is confronted by Mr. Jacoby Watts backstage. Watts says he’s the man who will take Comoroto to the next level. Watt says his wisdom will allow Comoroto to rise from the abyss and begin his transformation. Comoroto shakes Watts’ hand and agrees to let him help him.

Winner: Nyla Rose

London Lightning vs Evil Uno

Evil Uno hits London Lightning with Something Evil to secure the pinfall victory.

A video package plays for the Premier Athletes; commentary says they’ll be in action on Zero Hour tomorrow.

Winner: Evil Uno

There is a contract signing between Athena and Hikaru Shida for their title match tomorrow at Supercard of Honor. Shida came out with Queen Aminata to make sure she wasn’t completely outnumbered. As with all contract signings, things end in a massive brawl, and Shida puts Athena through a table before posing with the Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship.

Mark Briscoe and Eddie Kingston speak before Supercard of Honor

Eddie Kingston and Mark Briscoe are both backstage for a sit-down interview. Mark Briscoe says April 5 is the same date when his brother Jay Briscoe won his first Ring of Honor World Championship 11 years ago. Briscoe says he was at the first Ring of Honor show, but he wasn’t old enough to wrestle.

Briscoe says his brother has gone on to be with the Lord, but he knows he’s looking down on him, and it would mean everything for him to win the title at Supercard of Honor. Eddie Kingston says he’s coming off a loss to Okada, and the old Eddie would look for a bottle to drown himself in, but he can’t do that anymore.

Kingston says Mark Briscoe prevents him from doing that because he needs him at his best. Kingston says Mark inspires him. Eddie says without the Ring of Honor World Championship, there would be an All Elite Wrestling.

Kingston says they both thrived in Philadelphia and when you can get over in Philly, you’re made for life. Kingston says he will man up tomorrow and will not lose to Briscoe tomorrow at Supercard of Honor. Eddie says he loves Mark, but he won’t and can’t lose to him.

Top Flight and Action Andretti defeated Christopher Daniels, Matt Sydal, and Jack Cartwheel

Action Andretti hits a springboard 450 on Jack Cartwheel to score the pinfall victory for his team.

Top Flight and Action Andretti celebrate as Ring of Honor Wrestling goes off the air.


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