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ROH Results (04/11/2024)

We hear from Mark Briscoe and Eddie Kingston sharing some beers after their title match at Supercard of Honor. Briscoe and Kingston tease if they did this to each other and they are friends, what do you think they’ll do to House of Black at Dynasty?

Mark Briscoe and Eddie Kingston Promo:

They both cheer for their amazing match and call out the House of Black. Kingston says that they hate the House of Black and they are not ready for what is going to happen to them in a couple of weeks at Dynasty.

Isiah Kassidy vs Action Andretti:

Although this match was random, it was a great opener. I think this leads to Top Flight vs Private Party down the line whether that be on ROH TV or AEW. Andretti gets the win over Cassidy to kick off this episode of ROH TV.

Winner: Action Andretti

Undisputed Kingdom Promo:

Bennett says that they did just what they said they were going to do and that is winning their huge ROH Tag Team Title match. Two years ago when they became All Elite they did not know what was going to happen to them, but all they wanted was those ROH Tag Team Championships. They remain the greatest ROH Tag Team of all time and no one is taking those titles away from them any time soon.

Infantry Promo:

The Infantry said they did everything they could, but still came up short because of Wardlow. Even though they came up short they proved why they are one of the best tag teams ROH has to offer. They know this is not their last tag team title opportunity and when they get their next shot they are going to be the ones to win the titles.

Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty) vs Kaz Jordan and Julian Ward:

This was a squash. Shane Taylor Promotions gets the win.

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty)

Billie Starkz Promo:

Starkz’s mom says that she was raised better and Athena is a bad influence. Athena and her celebrate as Athena claims she is her new mom and they continue to celebrate off camera.

Nyla Rose vs Kat Von Heez:

This was another squash match. Sigh.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Lee Johnson Promo:

Johnson says he feels great after his match. He has been working so hard in ROH week in and week out and even though he did not win his match he feels as if all of the work has finally paid off. Johnson says he is hungry for another shot and he is going to continue to work hard to eventually have another championship match on ROH.

Kyle Fletcher Promo:

Fletcher says this match was not personal, but he was mad that Johnson called him out for not coming to work. Fletcher says this was because he was kicked out of the country with visa issues and now that he is back, he is going to defend the title more often. Fletcher says that he considers himself the best in the world and this is just the start of his impressive championship reign.

Cole Karter vs Christopher Daniels:

I still do not think Daniels needs to have a match on ROH every single week, especially with a young roster, but regardless. There was nothing special to this match I was even shocked that Garrison did not come out to try and help Karter get the win. Daniels hits the Angels Wings to get the win over Karter.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Paul Walter Hauser and Dalton Castle Promo:

Castle says everything hurts, but he has never felt better. Castle says he surrounds himself with the best TV-ready people on the planet including Hauser. Hauser says he has had Castle’s back since Day One and he continues to have his back until the end of time. Castle says nothing can stop him and this is the TV Champions that ROH has needed. Hauser asks if all The Boys are orphans and Lexy Nair says she cannot comment on that.

The Righteous (Vincent and Dutch) vs Bryce Donovan and Chico Adams:

Winners: The Righteous (Vincent and Dutch)

Anna Jay vs LMK:

I think you guys already know what type of match this was.

Winner: Anna Jay

Mariah May Promo:

May said the only reason she asked for this match was because she lost to Thunder Rosa and she knows Storm was disappointed in her. Mina Shirakawa comes and says she is happy May came to ROH so they can both celebrate their wins. They kiss and then cheer with two glasses of champagne.

Josh Woods Promo:

Mark Sterling lists all of Woods's accomplishments while various shots of Woods in an octagon are shown. He calls Woods a Premier Athlete and says they are ready to return to ROH.

Zak Knight vs Alvin Alvarez:

Winner: Zak Knight

ROH TV Championship Proving Grounds Match: Kyle Fletcher vs Rhett Titus:

Thank God we had one of our champions on the programming this evening. I wish we saw Titus more in ROH because of how talented he is and every time he is given an opportunity he shines. There was no way Fletcher was losing here as this match did not even go five minutes Fletcher showed why he is the ROH TV Champion.

Winner: “And Still” Kyle Fletcher


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