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ROH Results (04/27/2023)

Ring of Honor Wrestling on HonorClub kicks off with in-ring action.

Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion Athena defeated Lady Frost in a Proving Ground match

Athena hits a spinning forearm shot on Lady Frost to pick up the pinfall victory.

Athen continued her attack on Lady Frost following the match and slammed her face into the championship title.

The Kingdom is shown backstage and say they haven’t been given what they deserve since coming back to Ring of Honor. They say they are sick and tired of people like Top Flight and Action Andretti using their company to steal their moment.

Taven said every team took away their moment of honoring Jay Briscoe at Supercard of Honor. Maria said Jay Briscoe gave her respect, so when you take moments away from The Kingdom, this is something they will never forget.

The Kingdom promises to get revenge on every team that competed in the Reach for the Sky Ladder Match. Maria says when people talk about Ring of Honor, they’re talking about what The Kingdom has built and they’re going to teach people what Ring of Honor means.

Rush and Preston Vance defeated The Infantry

Rush hit the Bull’s Horns on Carlie Bravo to pick up the pinfall victory for his team.

Best Friends defeated Joe Ocasio and Mookie Summers

Best Friends hit a Doomsday Device variation on Mookie Summers, and Chuck Taylor gets the pinfall win.

Ring of Honor Six-Man Tag Team Champion Brian Cage defeated Leon Ruffin

Brian Cage picks up a submission victory over Leon Ruffin with a standing Texas Cloverleaf.

Dark Order defeated The Trustbusters

The Dark Order hit a double team-kicking piledriver on Jeeves Kay and Evil Uno picks up the pinfall victory for his team.

The Righteous watched the entire match from the stage, Dark Order confronted them on the stage after the match but the two teams didn’t get physical.

Christopher Daniels is interviewed backstage and is asked what’s next for him. Daniels said he’s at one of his all-time lows. But he knows that nothing will be handed to him in Ring of Honor. He knows it doesn’t matter that he’s a grand slam champion, he has to earn everything that he wants.

Daniels says he’s not starting from the bottom and he’s going to swing from the fences. He calls out Samoa Joe for a match for the Television Championship on Ring of Honor next week.

Skye Blue defeated Diamante

Skye Blue reverses a move and rolls up Diamante to score the win.

Athena comes out on the stage after the match and steps on Skye Blue’s hat teasing a future match between the two women.

Lee Moriarty (w/ Big Bill) defeated Rocky Romero

Big Bill chokeslammed Rocky Romero on the ring apron with the referee’s back turned, which led to Lee Moriarty hitting a leg lariat to get the win.

Backstage Rocky Romero said Lee Moriarty out-sneaked the king of sneaky style thanks to Big Bill. But next week he wants a pure rules match with Moriarty to get his revenge.

Blake Christian defeated Gringo Loco

Blake Christian hit a Shooting Star Press on Gringo Loco to score the pinfall victory.

Blake Christian raised Gringo Loco’s arm in a sign of respect as Ring of Honor Wrestling goes off the air.


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