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ROH Results (07/20/2023)

Ring of Honor delivered an action-packed show on July 20.

One day before ROH Death Before Dishonor, Dalton Castle, Shane Taylor, and others will compete.

The results are as follows:

A video package highlights the ROH Pure Championship match between Daniel Garcia and Katsuyori Shibata at ROH Death Before Dishonor. Garcia cuts a promo about the bout.

Pure Rules: Daniel Garcia vs. Jason Geiger

Garcia and Geiger feel each other out. Garcia gains the upper hand and chops Geiger. Geiger forces Garcia to use an early rope break. Garcia sends Geiger into the corner and stomps on him. The former ROH Pure Champion swings Geiger, drops him and locks in a modified guillotine. Geiger rallies and suplexes Garcia. Garcia takes control and locks in the Boston Crab. Geiger fights out of it and locks in a triangle choke. Garcia keeps fighting and makes Geiger tap out to a deep Sharpshooter.

Winner: Daniel Garcia

ROH Pure Champion Katsuyori Shibata comes out and confronts Garcia. He gets in Garcia’s face, and they stare each other down.

Trish Adora vs. Utami Hayashishita

The two competitors lock up and feel each other out. Adora gains the advantage and controls the action. She targets Utami’s arms and gets a two-count with a pin attempt. Utami sends Trish into the corner and slams her to the mat. A clothesline and a low lariat earn her a two count. Utami slams Adora again. Utami gets a two-count with a German suplex. She goes for the Air Raid Crash, but Adora counters with a wrist lock. Adora hits a crossbody and fires up with a flurry of offense. Utami clotheslines Adora and hits a spinning slam for a two-count. Utami dumps Adora to the mat with another spinning slam for the win.

Winner: Utami Hayashishita

ROH Television Championship Eliminator Tournament Finals: Dalton Castle (with The Boys) vs. Shane Taylor

Taylor and Castle face off, and the former ROH World Champion leaves the ring. Castle gets back in the ring and drills Taylor with a back elbow. He drops Taylor. The powerhouse drills Castle with a stiff shot to the face. He hits Castle with a modified jaw-breaker. Taylor levels Castle with a sidewalk slam. The big man rocks Castle with another stiff shot and slams him again. He gets a two count with a splash. Castle rallies and gets a two count with a pin-attempt. He sends Taylor to the outside. Castle gains more momentum with a hurricanrana. Castle continues to control the action, and he suplexes Taylor. The Bang-a-rang earns Castle the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle

Castle celebrates after the match.

Pure Rules: Josh Woods (with “Smart” Mark Sterling, Tony Nese & Ari Daivari) vs. James Stone

Woods and Stone feel each other out. Woods forces Stone to use an early rope break. The former ROH Pure Champion takes Stone down and makes him use another rope break. He drills Stone with a stiff shot to the face and suplexes him into the corner. Woods pins Stone to clinch the win.

Winner: Josh Woods

Backstage, Willow Nightingale is standing by with Tony Khan. The AEW CEO announces that Nightingale will challenge Athena for the ROH Women’s World Championship at ROH Death Before Dishonor. In another backstage clip, Athena gets fired up about the match. Khan shows up and hypes up the bout.

ROH Women’s World Championship Proving Ground Match: Athena vs. Nikita

Athena stands in the corner, and it seems like her head isn’t in the game. Nikita shoves her and talks some trash. Nikita walks away, and Athena drills her with one shot to the head. Athena pins her for the dominant win.

Winner: Athena

Athena attacks Nikita after the match. She slams Nikita into the barricade at ringside. Willow Nightingale comes out and confronts Athena.

The Boys (Brandon & Brent) vs. The Righteous (Vincent & Dutch) (with Stu Grayson)

Vincent and Dutch take control early on as they isolate Brandon. Vincent slams Brandon to the mat. Dutch levels Brandon with a slam, and Vincent hits him with a flatliner. Brent tags in and briefly rallies. Dutch overpowers him, and The Righteous double-team him. Vincent hits Autumn Sunshine for the win.

Winners: The Righteous (Vincent & Dutch)

Vincent sends a message to the Dark Order after the bell and asks them to listen to him. Evil Uno comes to the stage. Grayson hits Brent with the Nightfall.

“Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs. Nicole Matthews

Leyla Hirsch and Nicole Matthews battle for positioning early on. Hirsch takes control. Matthews briefly rallies. Hirsch drills her with a series of stiff strikes. Hirsch blasts Matthews with a knee to the face for the win.

Winner: “Legit” Leyla Hirsch

The broadcast team runs through the card for ROH Death Before Dishonor

A video package highlights the ROH World Tag Team Championship match at ROH Death Before Dishonor.

Another video package focuses on the ROH World Championship match between Claudio Castagnoli and PAC at ROH Death Before Dishonor.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) (with Maria Kanellis) vs. The Workhorsemen (Anthony Henry & JD Drake) vs. Darius Martin & Action Andretti vs. Bollywood Boyz (Harv & Gurv Sihra)

Bennett and Drake chop each other. Andretti and Martin gain the upper hand. The Wotkhorsemen double-team martin for a two count. They ground him, and Drake vaults onto Martin with a senton. The Kingdom takes control as they continue to isolate Martin. Taven drills Darius with a knee strike. He and Drake shove each other. Martin rallies and takes both members of The Kingdom down. Drake squashes Martin with a splash. Henry gets a two-count with a splash. Taven breaks up the pin. The Workhorsemen and The Kingdom brawl. Andretti dives onto Drake and Taven. The Bollywood Boyz take control. They double-team Bennett for a two-count.

Andretti breaks up the pin attempt with another double-team move on Bennett. The Kingdom gangs up on Gurv Sihra and his the Proton Pack for the win.

Winners: The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) (with Maria Kanellis)


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