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ROH Results (08/17/2023)

This week’s episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling on HonorClub kicked off with an exciting high-flying matchup.

Gravity defeated Gringo Loco

Gravity hits a diving splash on Gringo Loco to score the pinfall victory.

Josh Woods defeated Silas Young in a Pure Rules match

Josh Woods hits the Twist of Woods on Silas Young into the corner to score the pinfall victory.

Maria Kanellis is shown backstage. Kanellis says she built a Kingdom in Ring of Honor, but now she’s scouting an army to protect her Kingdom and her legacy. Maria is interrupted by Leyla Hirsch who asks why she’s out there scouting her. Kanellis says she can give her an opportunity and tells her she’s facing Rachael Ellering later on tonight.

Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion Athena defeated Brittany J in a Proving Ground match

Athena hits a knockout punch on Brittany J to win the match via pinfall.

Has Athena finally found an ally?

Athena is attacked after the match by the Renegade Twins. Billie Starkz comes out to chase off the Renegades. Despite saving her, Athena was angry at Starkz for getting involved.

Ring of Honor World Television Champion Samoa Joe and Stokely Hathaway defeated The Boys

Samoa Joe locks one of The Boys in the Coquina Clutch to secure the submission victory for his team.

Billie Starkz is interviewed backstage and was asked why she chose to go out there and help Athena. Starkz says she doesn’t know what’s going on with her and was just trying to return the favor from last week. Starkz is interrupted by The Renegade Twins who threaten her. Charlette will face Billie later on tonight.

Two-thirds of the Ring of Honor Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Gates of Agony (w/ Prince Nana) defeated Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal

The Gates of Agony double-team Christopher Daniels, and Kaun gets the pinfall victory for his team.

Madison Rayne defeated Dani Mo

Madison Rayne hits CrossRayne on Dani Mo to pick up the pinfall victory.

The Dark Order defeated Isaiah Broner, Corey Calhoun, and Lord Crewe

Stu Grayson came out in the middle of the match to watch things from the stage. John Silver got the pinfall for his team.

We hear from Ring of Honor World Champion Claudio Castagnoli. Castagnoli says he’s heard the whispers of people asking where he is. Claudio says just because you don’t see him doesn’t mean he’s not there. Castagnoli says Kingston, Briscoe, PAC, and others aren’t at his level.

Claudio says he’s a different world champion this time around. The champion reflects on losing the title to Chris Jericho and what it did to him. Claudio says his love and passion for wrestling was a burden. He believes his new goal is to keep people like Kingston, Briscoe, and PAC away from the Ring of Honor World Championship.

Castagnoli says he no longer has any personal attachment to wrestling, it’s just a job to him now. Claudio says if someone hopes to take the title from him, they need to be better than him.

Cole Karter defeated Griff Garrison

Cole Karter scores the pinfall victory, which brings Maria Kanellis to the ring. Maria whispers in Cole’s ear and Karter shakes Garrison’s hand. Karter and Maria leave together.

Billie Starkz defeated Charlette Renegade (w/ Robyn Renegade)

Billie Starkz hits a piledriving facebuster on Charlette Renegade to score the pinfall victory.

Robyn Renegade jumps Billie Starkz immediately and gets beat down. Athena comes out and she and Starkz fight off the Renegade Twins. Starkz and Athena briefly stare one another down before doing a double dive on the Renegade Twins to the floor.

Athena offers to fight with Starkz, but Billie offers her handshake instead. Athena just laughs and calls Starkz a minion and tells her to come with her. Starkz hesitates but eventually follows Athena out.

Does Billie Starkz have a friend in Athena?

Tony Nese and Ari Daivari are backstage. Nese says he’s been promised by Mark Sterling that he has the floor tonight for a full group training session with all of the fans in attendance. Nese tells Lexi Nair that she should be there too.

Lee Johnson, Darius Martin, and Action Andretti defeated Lee Moriarty and The Workhorsemen

Anthony Henry goes for Chaos Theory, but Action Andretti is able to reverse it into a roll-up pin to score the victory for his team.

Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion Athena and Billie Starkz are backstage. Athena gives Starkz a minion number. Starkz says that’s not what she wants, she wants them to face the Renegade Twins together next week. The two are in a disagreement as Athena tells Starkz she needs to drive her to the mall.

Lady Frost defeated Trish Adora

Lady Frost hits a top rope moonsault on Trish Adora to score the pinfall victory.

Kiera Hogan is backstage. Hogan says she’s had an impressive run in Ring of Honor so far and calls out Kiera Hogan. Hogan says when fire meets ice, fire always comes out on top.

Leyla Hirsch defeated Rachael Ellering

Leyla Hirsch locks in a cross-arm breaker on Rachael Ellering to win the match via submission.

Dalton Castle (w/ The Boys) defeated Pretty Peter Avalon

Dalton Castle hits The Bangarang on Peter Avalon to score the pinfall victory.

Will Shane Taylor become the next Ring of Honor World Television Champion?

Shane Taylor is backstage. Taylor says his previous run in Ring of Honor all anyone would talk about was the old guard but at that point, there was nothing he could do about it. Shane says he can now as his match with Samoa Joe has been signed. Taylor says he will defeat Samoa Joe and become the new Television Champion.

Metalik defeated Tony Nese (a/ Ari Daivari)

Metalik hits the Metalik Driver on Tony Nese to score the pinfall victory.

The former Gran Metalik celebrates in the ring as Ring of Honor goes off the air.


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