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ROH Results (08/31/2023)

This week’s episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling on HonorClub kicks off with some in-ring action.

Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Metalik to retain the NJPW World TV Championship

Zack Sabre Jr. locks in an armbar on Metalik to retain his title via submission.

Cole Karter and Maria Kanellis are backstage. Karter says Maria has a big opportunity for Griff. Maria teases the idea of pairing Karter and Garrison together. Karter wants Kanellis to accompany him to ringside tonight. At first, she declines but is convinced to do so.

Josh Woods (w/ Smart Mark Sterling) defeated John Walters

Josh Woods defeated John Walters via submission.

The Workhorsemen and Lee Moriarty defeated Invictus Khash, Lord Crewe, and Beef

JD Drake hits a moonsault to pick up the pinfall victory for his team.

Cole Karter (w/ Maria Kanellis) defeated Justin Jackson

Cole Karter hits The Eye of the Beholder on Justin Jackson to secure the pinfall victory.

Emi Sakura defeated Alice Crowley

Emi Sakura hits the Imperial backbreaker on Alice Crowley to pick up the pinfall victory.

Josh Woods and Smart Mark Sterling are backstage. Sterling puts Woods over and says he’s doing his best to give him the best opponents possible. Woods says he’s been down to fight since he got here and that’s what he’s going to do. Sterling says Woods is a National Champion and there is no one else in Ring of Honor or AEW who can say that.

Angelico and Serpentico defeated The Outrunners

Angelico applies a hammerlock single crab on one of The Outrunners to win the match for his team via submission.

Marina Shafir defeated Angelica Risk

Marina Shafir locks a mounted triangle on Angelica Risk to win the match via submission.

Mogul Embassy defend their Ring of Honor titles in tonight’s main event

The Mogul Embassy defeated Darius Martin, Action Andretti, and Lee Johnson to retain the Ring of Honor Six-Man Tag Team Titles

After a triple-team powerbomb on Lee Johnson, Brian Cage gets the pinfall victory for his team.

The Mogul Embassy celebrates as Ring of Honor goes off the air.


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