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ROH Results (10/05/2023)

This week’s episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling on HonorClub kicks off with post-match comments from Eddie Kingston at WrestleDream after he successfully defended his titles against Katsuyori Shibata.

Athena (w/ Billie Starkz) defeated Leyla Hirsch to retain the Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship

Athena hits Leyla Hirsch with Despicable Me to score the pinfall victory.

Leyla Hirsch is attacked by Athena following the match. But Billie Starkz convinces her to stop before slamming her head into the title. Maria Kanellis comes out on the stage following the match and tells Hirsch that she isn’t ready for someone like Athena.

Christopher Daniels and Rocky Romero are backstage. They put over each other’s accomplishments but will face each other later on tonight.

Josh Woods (w/ Smart Mark Sterling) defeated Tyler Payne

Josh Woods hits Tilt A Woods on Tyler Payne to score the pinfall victory.

Rocky Romero defeated Christopher Daniels

Rocky Romero hit Shiranui on Christopher Daniels to win the match via pinfall.

Dalton Castle is backstage. Castle says he feels the pressure of the fans and everything else. Castle says his heart is racing and he didn’t even have time to put an outfit together. Dalton says he needs to give the people what they want and be on screen more often.

Scorpio Sky defeated Fred Rosser

Scorpio Sky hits TKO on Fred Rosser to pick up the pinfall victory.

Willow Nightingale, Skye Blue, and Kiera Hogan defeated Lady Frost and The Renegade Twins

Willow Nightingale hits the Babe with the Powerbomb on a Renegade Twin to score the pinfall victory for her team.

Can The Infantry get back to their winning ways in Ring of Honor?

The Infantry is backstage. All three are in action tonight in separate matches between TMDK and Billie Starkz. The Infantry hopes to get on track after their loss last week.

Ethan Page defeated Invictus Khash

Ethan Page hit Invictus Khash with a springboard cutter to score the pinfall victory.

Tony Nese and Smart Mark Sterling are backstage. Sterling said they are going to war against bread and anyone who likes it. Nese is scheduled to face Kojima later on tonight.

TMDK defeated The Infantry

Shane Haste hit the Tank Buster on Carlie Bravo to score the pinfall victory for his team.

Ethan Page is backstage. Page says he hopes everyone is watching him including Ring of Honor World Champion Eddie Kingston. Page wants more competition and tells Kingston to pay more attention. Ethan says his ego is refilling itself and he’s looking for his fifth win in a row next week.

Satoshi Kojima defeated Tony Nese (w/ Smart Mark Sterling)

Satoshi Kojima hits Tony Nese with a lariat to score the pinfall victory.

Kojima shoves bread in Nese’s mouth following the match.

A vignette airs of Athena is hosting the second session of Minion Training. Athena says this is about Minion empowerment. Starkz and Nair praise Athena as she beats someone up behind him. Check out all of the hilarity in the embedded tweet below.

Billie Starkz (w/ Athena) defeated Trish Adora

Billie Starkz locks Trish Adora in a bridging crossface to win the match via submission.

Darius Martin defeated Lee Johnson

Shane Taylor Promotions watches the match from backstage. Darius Martin hits Lee Johnson with a frog splash to score the pinfall victory.

Will the next match decide future contenders for Better Than You, Bay Bay?

Shane Taylor Promotions defeated Iron Savages (w/ Jacked Jameson), Cole Karter and Griff Garrison (w/ Maria Kanellis), and The Workhorsemen in a four-way tag match

Shane Taylor hits Cole Karter with a right-hand fist to score the pinfall victory for his team.

Komander, Metalik & Gravity (with Alex Abrahantes) defeated Spanish Announce Project (Serpentico & Angelico) & Gringo Loco

Komander hit a shooting star press off the ropes onto Gringo Loco to score the pinfall victory for his team.

Metalik, Gravity, and Komander celebrate as Ring of Honor goes off the air.


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