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ROH TV Taping Results

Photo Credit Ring of Honor

Jay Lethal comes out to the ring to start the show and talks about his match at Best in the World and how he believes that he is ready for a world title shot before Matt Taven, Cody and the champion Dalton Castle come out and they set up a fatal four way in our main event for the ROH World title.

WOH Championship Match

Sumie Sakai (c) vs Hazuki

Hazuki immediately tries to clothesline Sumie, but she ducks and comes back with a flurry of chops, then Hazuki hits Sumie with a code breaker in midair when she comes off of the second rope for a quick two count. Oedo Tai then try to interfere, but end up taking out Hazuki instead before Sumie hits Hazuki with Smash Mouse for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sumie Sakai retains her WOH Championship by defeating Hazuki via pinfall with Smash Mouse.

ROH World Championship Fatal Four Way Match

Everyone brawls as soon as the match begins, Cody exchanging strikes with Jay and Dalton exchanging strikes with Matt before Taven and Dalton end up at ringside as Cody takes control of Jay in the ring before Matt misses a missile dropkick. Jay and Matt go back and forth until Matt hits an enzuigiri that sends Jay out of the ring, Cody immediately sending him out of the ring with a disaster kick. Jay clears the ring before hitting three different topes to three different sides of the ring, then he and Cody exchange chops in the ring. Cody low blows Matt and Jay when the referee is distracted by Brandi before Dalton beats Cody down and slams Jay to the mat. Cody locks in the American Death Lock before Matt hits a frog splash onto Cody for a near fall as we head to break.

We come back to the action to Jay hitting the Lethal Combination on Dalton for a near fall before locking in a figure four that Cody breaks up. Jay counters Cross Rhodes into an enzuigiri before chopping Matt repeatedly in the ropes, then Matt gets a near fall off of a knee to Jay that Dalton breaks up. Matt counters the Bang-a-rang for a near fall before Cody hits Cross Rhodes for a near fall of his own. Dalton, Cody and Jay chop each other and exchange strikes until Cody hits a powerslam for a near fall on Jay before Cody hits a Disaster Kick to Dalton and Matt hits him with Climax for a near fall. Jay hits a double Lethal Injection to Cody and Matt before hitting Dalton with a cutter.

Jay hits the Lethal Injection to Dalton for a very close near fall that Matt breaks up as we go to commercial.

We come back to the action to Matt bringing a table into the ring and sets Cody up top before they hit a tower of doom through the table before Jay gets a near fall, Matt grabbing the bottom rope at the last second. Jay and Dalton then exchange strikes and counter each other's finishers until Jay hits the Lethal Injection for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal defeats Dalton Castle, Cody and Matt Taven to become the new ROH World champion when he pins Dalton Castle with the Lethal Injection.

It was an action packed episode of Ring of Honor, let us know what you thought about this episode by leaving your response in the comment section down below.


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