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ROH Wrestling Results (04/12/2021)

ROH Wrestling starts off with a pre-match promo, Delirious looks back on his past with Rocky Romero. He says he respects Romero’s contributions to wrestling and praises his influence behind the scenes. Delirious explains that they know each other very well, and he states that Romero will always be part of his career. He vows to wrestle Romero before he returns to seclusion because he doesn’t like attention.

Meanwhile, Romero explains that he’s back in Ring of Honor, and he also looks back on his history with Delirious. He says they have unfinished business and teases that he might bring back his old attitude in this match. He notes that he regularly competes, whereas Delirious has not. Romero hints that he wants to bring Ring of Honor into the new landscape of collaboration between wrestling organizations.

Pure Rules: Rocky Romero vs. Delirious

The two competitors feel each other out. Romero gains the advantage and forces Delirious to use his first rope break. A dropkick briefly sends Delirious to the outside. Romero and Delirious trade chops, and a clothesline takes the New Japan Pro-Wrestling star down. Romero floors Delirious with a clothesline of his own.

Delirious drops Romero with a neck breaker and locks in the Cobra Clutch, but Romero escapes by reaching the ropes. Romero locks in a Kimura, and Delirious uses his second rope break. Delirious plants Romero with a fisherman driver, but Romero stomps Delirious’ bare feet to escape the Cobra Clutch. Romero nearly steals the win by rolling through a Cobra Clutch attempt.

In the final minute, the rivals trade blows, and Delirious punches Romero in the face. With nine seconds remaining, Delirious taps out to the Diablo arm-bar.

Winner: Rocky Romero

The show replays the debut of Violence is Forever from ROH 19th Anniversary.

In a video package, Mark Briscoe recaps how he and Jay lost the ROH World Tag Team Championship in 2019. Jay looks back on how the pandemic delayed their scheduled match. Mark says Jay let EC3 divert his attention. Both Briscoes continue to recap their recent shortcomings. Jay says that he and Mark have unfinished business, and they need to fight before they team again. (They’ll face off on the 500th episode of ROH Wrestling.)

Backstage, Flamita volunteers to team with Bandido because Rey Horus isn’t cleared to compete. MexiSquad shakes hands and seemingly puts their conflict behind them. But a suspicious chuckle from Flamita hints at his true intentions. Meanwhile, a fired up Jay Lethal tells Jonathan Gresham that they need to get back on track.

The Foundation (Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham) vs. Bandido & Flamita

Flamita hugs Bandido on the way to the ring. Lethal and Flamita start the match and feel each other out. Flamita takes Lethal down with a hurricanrana. Gresham and Flamita exchange some fast-paced offense. Bandido tags in and drops Gresham with an inverted suplex. Bandido presses Lethal above his head and slams him down.

Bandido and Flamita double-team Lethal and take control of the match. Flamita taunts, and Bandido argues with him. Gresham suplexes Flamita and grounds him. “The Octopus” wrenches his arm, and The Foundation continues to isolate him. Gresham and Lethal dominate the match for a few minutes, and Bandido accidentally kicks Flamita in the head.

Flamita plants Gresham with a standing Spanish Fly. Bandido tags in and rallies. Bandido gets a near fall with a crucifix bomb. He counters the Lethal Injection, but Flamita drops him during a double-team move. Bandido and Flamita shove each other, and they start brawling. The Foundation capitalizes on the dissension, and Flamita walks out on Bandido right before he taps out to the Figure-Four leg lock.

Winners: Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal


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