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ROH Wrestling Results (06/29/2021)

Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package. McKay talks about the Survival Of The Fittest Tournament.

Dutch makes his entrance. Bateman and Vita VonStarr accompany Dutch to the entrance way. Matt Taven makes his entrance.

Matt Taven vs. Dutch

Taven strikes Dutch. Dutch pushes Taven. Taven goes for a single-leg takedown, Dutch clubs his back. Taven kicks and strikes Dutch. Dutch tosses Taven to the mat. Taven eventually ducks a clothesline attempt by Dutch. Taven springboards from the second rope. Dutch catches Taven and goes for an STO, Taven blocks it. Taven hits his Climax finisher on Dutch. Vincent walks to the stage in a purple suit. Taven walks towards Vincent. Bateman and Vita VonStarr attack Taven as the referee calls for the bell. Mike Bennett runs out to help Taven. Bateman attacks Bennett at ringside. Security comes out to break things up as we head into a commercial break.

Winner: Matt Taven Via Disqualification

Vincent gets on the microphone as Taven and Bennett are still in the ring. Vincent gives Taven a maybe to his recent challenge. Vincent talks about he knows Taven better than anyone here, including the man standing next to him (Bennett). Vincent talks about how if Taven keeps sacrificing himself, he’s going to have nothing left to show and then no one will care about him which is the most important thing to him.

Demonic Flamita makes his entrance. Brian Johnson makes his entrance and introduces himself. Eli Isom, Chris Dickinson, Bandido and ROH Tag Team Champion Rhett Titus make their entrances. The winner of this match will receive a shot at the ROH World Championship at Best In The World.

Survival Of The Fittest 2021 Final:

Demonic Flamita vs. Brian Johnson vs. Eli Isom vs. Chris Dickinson vs. Rhett Titus

Bandido and Flamita exchange strikes as the bell rings. Bandido dropkicks Flamita. Flamita eventually catches Bandido off a top rope springboard with a Powerbomb. Flamita misses a 619 on Johnson. Bandido rolls Flamita up to eliminate him. Flamita attacks Bandido. Flamita Powerbombs Bandido through a table at ringside. Flamita sets a chair on Bandido. Flamita grabs another chair and strikes the chair on Bandido several times. Trainers check on Bandido at ringside. Titus eventually connects with a boot to the face of Johnson. Titus ascends the turnbuckles.

Titus connects with a knee to Johnson. Titus pins Johnson to eliminate him. Dickinson hits a Dragon Screw on Titus. Dickinson locks in a knee-bar on Titus. Dickinson eliminates Titus by submission as he is forced to tap out. Dickinson eventually locks in a sleeper on Isom. Bandido connects with a Pump Kick to Dickinson. Bandido hits his 21-Plex finisher on Bandido. Bandido pins Dickinson to eliminate him. Isom eventually connects with a pair of kicks to Bandido. Isom goes for a Suplex, Bandido gets out of it. Bandido pushes Isom to the ropes. Bandido plants Isom on the mat. Bandido locks in a shoulder-lock on Isom. Bandido gets the win via Submission.

Winner: Bandido Via Submission

They hype next week’s show as this one comes to a close.



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