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ROH Wrestling Results (12/07/2020)

Quinn McKay welcomes us to tonight's episode and takes us to last week's main event where we see the closing moments of Brody King's victory over Shane Taylor. King puts ROH World Champion Rush on notice. The two will square off at Final Battle. We also see the closing moments of Josh Woods' Pure Match victory over Jay Lethal. Woods makes it clear that he's after the ROH Pure championship.

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman have the call on tonight's action. Mike Bennett and Vincent talk about their respective history with Matt Taven and The Kingdom. These two are excellent promo men.

Mike Bennett vs. Vincent

Code of Honor not adhered to, as expected. Vincent bails before any contact. He slides in and fires away ay Bennett in the corner with kicks and stomps. Bennett with chops. Series of kicks by Bennett followed by forearms in the corner and rapid chops. Bennett his a charging clothesline and a running forearm. Vincent connects with a back elbow and a cutter on the 2nd rope. Belly to back suplex on the floor. Vincent tosses him back and Bennett fires shots to the midsection and the two exchange open palm strike. German Suplex by Vincent. Bennett fires back with a superkick and a Spicoli Driver for 2. Another back elbow and a pair of running elbows into a side effect for 2.

Bennett asks him if that's all he's got. Vincent keeps up the assault but Bennett with a fallaway suplex. Bennett with a superkick for 2. Bennett with a back elbow, Vincent blocks the package stunner. Vincent slaps a guillotine choke. Bennett powers out but Vincent locks in another choke off of a spear attempt. Bennett breaks out and applies a brain buster. They exchange palm strikes. Ripcord elbow by Bennett into a short clothesline. Bennett with a spear. Vincent blocks a piledriver and rains blows down on Bennett. He won't break on the referee's count and the referee calls for the bell.

WINNER: Mike Bennett (disqualification)

Vincent carries on the attack after the bell and throws Bennett directly into the steps. Matt Taven makes the save. Bateman comes out and security intervenes to break up the brawl.

We get a Final Battle plug for December 18th.

We get a vignette from the Foundation with Jonathan Gresham, Jay Lethal and Hot Sauce Williams encouraging Rhett Titus. Titus removes the Octopus mask and declares that he is the Foundation.

Mark Biscoe is locked into the ROH World Tag Team Titles. While Jay Briscoe is preoccupied with ECIII, Mark, declares he's got a new partner. PCO emerges form a box.

Tracey Williams talks about the bond he's formed with Jonathan Gresham and the rest of the Foundation. He shifts to John Walters, former ROH Pure Champion. He reminds Walters that he's a season veteran with big wins under his belt. He are then reintroduced to John Walters, who reminds us that he's the 2nd longest reigning Pure Champion. He's gunning for the title.

Pure Rules Match: John Walters vs. Tracey Williams

Flip Gordon joins the announce booth. It's been made official: Gordon will challenge Gresham at Final Battle for the Pure Title. Gordon is also named the #1 Contender for the ROH World Title. Things are a little pushy at first but the Code of Honor is adhered to. Lockup, headlock by Walters, Williams reverses. Arm twist into an armbar by Williams, Walters reverses. Williams escapes and hits a full nelson, Walters slides out and bails form the ring.

Upon re entering, we get a test of strength, which Walters wins and scores a series of 2 counts. Williams makes it back to his feet and applies a short arm scissors. Walters rolls him up for 2. Williams maintains control with a hammerlock. Walters uses his first rope break. Top wrist lock by Walters, he stomps down on the shoulder. Shoulder block by Walters, he tries to apply the sharpshooter but Williams squirms out and applies a leglock of his own.

Five Minutes have elapsed as we go to commercial.

We're back and Walters gets control with chops in the corner, he clips Williams' knee. Stepover toe hold into a knee stomp by Walters. Headbutt by Walters. Williams applies a armbar against the ropes, breaking at 4. Walters gets the sharpshooter on and Williams uses his first break. Knee bar by Williams forces Walters to use his second break. Axehandle by Walters, they exchange chops. Belly to back by Williams. Clothesline by Williams he applies the facelock at the 10 minute mark.

Walters uses his final rope break to escape. Walters blocks a piledriver. They exchange 2 counts. DDT by Williams on the top rope. Clothesline and piledriver by Williams, he scores the pin.

WINNER: Tracey Williams

Code of Honor adhered to as we go credits.


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