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ROH Wrestling Results (4/13/20): A Spotlight On PCO

The show opens with a video package about PCO; he says he’s always wanted to be a wrestler. PCO says he’s made mistakes but he continues to chase his dream. He recaps Villain Enterprises’ match with the Briscoes. PCO looks back at winning the ROH World Tag Team Championship and, later, becoming the number one contender for RUSH’s ROH World Championship.

Marty Scurll vs. PCO (Replayed From ROH Glory By Honor)

Before the match, Scurll tells PCO they knew this match was inevitable. He says he doesn’t want the match to come between them, so let the best man win. Scurll hits PCO with the umbrella with a near fall. He hits three stiff kicks to the face. The Villain slams PCO off the top rope. Scurll sends PCO crashing into the barricade. PCO powerbombs Scurll and spears him. A chokeslam plants Scurll on his back.

A senton off the top gets PCO a near fall. Scurll cracks PCO’s fingers twice but a boot drops the Villain. PCO places Scurll on a table but the Villain sends PCO tumbling through it. With the referee down, Brody King kicks PCO and slams him to the mat. It’s still not enough for the win; PCO kicks out of the pin. Scurll accidentally takes King out with a knee and PCO slams the Villain. Scurll falls off the top rope onto the referee. Flip Gordon kicks PCO and Scurll hits the big man with the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship belt. PCO still kicks out and dives onto Gordon and King. Scurll kicks out after a moonsault. Scurll dodges a dive, which sends PCO crashing onto the apron.

Another moonsault earns PCO the victory.

Winner: PCO

After the match, Scurll says he’s never been the ROH World Champion, and this tournament was the chance to change that. He says PCO took it from him and congratulates him. Scurll says no one deserves the title more than PCO.

PCO previews his match with RUSH and calls it the biggest match of his career.

ROH World Championship: RUSH (c) vs. PCO (replayed from ROH Final Battle)

Riccaboni and Coleman stress that there aren’t any rules in this match. PCO and RUSH stare each other down. Shoulder blocks, chops and forearms don’t affect either man. A clothesline sends RUSH to the outside. RUSH throws a chair at PCO. The champion whips PCO with a camera cord. RUSH hits a dropkick and a pose. He stomps on PCO and kicks him in the face. The champion poses again. RUSH locks in an armbar through the ropes. The champion grabs a stepladder and throws it at PCO. RUSH laughs at PCO and taunts the crowd. PCO sends RUSH crashing into the stepladder and hits him with a popup powerbomb. The French Frankenstein hits a cannonball to the outside. RUSH dodges a senton on the apron. The champion suplexes PCO onto a table. RUSH spits on a hearse on the stage. (PCO drove the hearse to the arena.) Both men exchange chops.

RUSH mocks the crowd again. RUSH sends PCO tumbling off the stage and onto stacked parts of the barricade. The champion continues to taunt and mock the crowd. RUSH watches while Destro comes to PCO’s aid; he struggles to lift the hood of the hearse. He electrifies PCO with wires from the car. The French Frankenstein comes alive and chokeslams RUSH onto  the hood of the hearse. PCO hits a leg drop while RUSH is sprawled on the hood. RUSH sends PCO tumbling off the car. RUSH throws an equipment case at PCO. The champion pulls two three out from under the ring. RUSH suplexes PCO. A diving senton gets RUSH a one count. The champion bashes one door over PCO’s head and suplexes him through another door. PCO spears RUSH through a third door for a two count. A PCO-sault gets RUSH a near fall. RUSH clotheslines Destro. PCO chokeslams RUSH and hits a PCO-sault through a table for the win.

Winner and new ROH World Champion: PCO

Villain Enterprises celebrates with PCO in the ring.

PCO,when reflecting on the win, says his life flashed in front of his eyes and it was a dream come true.


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