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ROH Wrestling Results (9/14/20): The Pure Title Tournament Begins

The show starts with a new theme sone and entrance video, along with a video package hyping up the ROH Pure Championship tournament.

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers to the show and previews the ROH Pure Championship tournament and its participants. The tournament is single-elimination and it’s broken down into 2 blocks. McKay recaps Pure Match rules.

In a promo segment, Jay Lethal recaps his career and how Samoa Joe shaped it. Lethal says he wants to make history by becoming the first man to hold the ROH Pure Championship more than once. He describes his experience facing legends and how that makes him a favorite in the tournament. Lethal predicts that the tournament will end with him facing his partner, Jonathan Gresham.

In another video segment, Castle looks back on his wrestling career. He initially focuses on his amateur wrestling career. He says he’s meant for him. “There’s nobody more pure than this peacock,” says Castle. He says he’s been inactive for a few months, but he’s not worried because he’s always ready. Castle calls Lethal one of the best in the world. He vows to be aggressive and suplex Lethal over and over again. Castle promises to show everyone there’s much more to him than people think. He recaps how he wrestled with a broken back, and he says he wants to remind people that he’s dangerous.

Pure Tournament Round 1: Jay Lethal vs. Dalton Castle

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman welcome viewers to the show while the competitors make their entrances. Castle and Lethal shake hands, and Castle takes Lethal to the ground, but he forces a rope break. Both men exchange technical holds, and Castle gains the upper hand. Lethal takes Castle down with a hip toss. Castle suplexes Lethal twice and slaps him in the face. He tosses Lethal over his head with another suplex. Lethal stops Castle’s leg and targets it.

Lethal slaps the back of Castle’s head and drops him with a chop. A shin-breaker leaves Castle writhing in pain. Lethal drops Castle with a kick to the leg. A stiff boot to the jaw rocks Lethal, but he dodges the Bangarang. A Lethal Combination earns the former ROH Pure Champion a two count. Castle’s leg gives out but he still hits the Bangarang. Lethal breaks the pin with a rope break. Lethal pins Castle with a Lethal Injection.

Winner: Jay Lethal

In a video package, Wheeler Yuta recaps his career. He says he’s travelled the world to hone his craft. He recaps his training in Japan and his time in wXw. He says he’s trained with some of the best wrestlers in the world. He calls himself The Decoder because he breaks down his opponent’s style and figures out the best approach to victory. Yuta says he knows exactly how he’s going to beat Gresham.

In a video package, Gresham recaps his wrestling career. He says Ring of Honor collects some of the best wrestlers in the world. He says he did everything he good to become one of the best. He looks back on his road to ROH and describes how people have always doubted him. Gresham says he has travelled the world to make himself the best pure professional wrestler in the world. He says Yuta will be a challenge for him, but he’s looking forward to it. He feels confident in the strength of the Octopus Stretch because he has perfected it. He promises to restore the honor that was lost long ago. He wants to reshape ROH in the image of pure wrestling.

Pure Tournament Round 1: Jonathan Gresham vs. Wheeler Yuta

Both competitors exchanged technical holds, and Yuta gains the upper hand. Gresham monkey flips his way out of it, but Yuta locks in a body-scissors. Gresham tries to escape by pinning Yuta, but he kicks out. Yuta escapes a surfboard and both men are back to their feet. Gresham takes Yuta to the mat and puts him in an ankle-lock. A dropkick sends Gresham back to the mat.

Gresham dodges a crossbody and puts Yuta in an Indian Death Lock. Yuta reaches the ropes to break the hold. Yuta drops Gresham with a closed fist, and the referee warns him for the infraction. Yuta rolls Gresham up for a two count. A springboard crossbody gets Yuta another two count. Another crossbody earns Yuta a near fall.

Gresham locks in another Indian Death Lock, and both men roll to the floor when the hold is still locked in. Both men make it back to the ring. Yuta rolls Gresham up for a two count, and Gresham returns the favor. They exchange pinning attempts. Gresham stomps on Yuta’s ankle and slams his knee into the mat until Yuta taps.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham


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