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Rusev Reacts To IMPACT Teasing His Appearance In Slammiversary 2020 Promo

Former WWE Superstar Rusev hasn't been doing much of note in regards to pro-wrestling ever since he was released by the company a while ago. Rusev has been active on Twitch lately and regularly plays games and chats with fans via his official Twitch handle.

Recently, IMPACT Wrestling teased the arrival of several released WWE Superstars in its teaser video for Slammiversary 2020. A Bulgarian flag was also shown in the teaser which led to many speculating that Rusev could be on his way to IMPACT Wrestling. The Bulgarian Brute has now responded to the teaser via his Twitch handle.

While responding to a fan, Rusev stated that all he saw was a Bulgarian flag. He added that he doesn't know why fans would think IMPACT Wrestling teased his appearance. Rusev finished off by saying that it could be a different Bulgarian star for all he knows.

Rusev hasn't revealed much about his future as a wrestler

Rusev was a part of WWE's main roster since 2014. He never managed to win the big one but won the United States title on three different occasions. He gained immense popularity back in 2017-18 when fans got behind him and his 'Rusev Day' gimmick and he began getting loud pops on a regular basis. A push was expected for Rusev but nothing of this sort happened.

Slammiversary is set for July 18.


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