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RVD Says Without Him There’s No Kenny Omega, Daniel Bryan Or Young Bucks

Rob Van Dam turned heel at Bound for Glory in Chicago by kicking Rhino in the head during the tag team title match. Hints about a possible heel turn for RVD date back to his initial signing with Impact this spring, however. RVD has been complaining about wrestlers stealing his moves dating back to the first media call he did on behalf of the company.

On last night’s episode, however, RVD said that not only do the wrestlers in Impact steal his moves, some of the top performers from other promotions do as well.

“Let’s face it, without RVD, there would be no Kenny Omega, there would be no Daniel Bryan. Without RVD, there would be no Young Bucks.”

He added, “I carried the whole ECW. And if you think I’m lying, who is the one wrestler to stand out?”

Impact uploaded a video of RVD’s controversial promo, which you can see here:

In response to a fan on Twitter who said RVD was speaking the truth, he replied, “Truthfully, I was a small 235 lb wrestler because the average guys were closer to 300 lbs and I was the only one creating and doing RVD moves. Now the average wrestler is 190 lbs and they all do my shit. Elite= petite”

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