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Saieve Al Sabah Signs With MLW

New York — Major League Wrestling ("MLW") today announced the signing of Saieve Al Sabah to a multi-year agreement.

Al Sabah joins World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver as Injustice sets the tone for a strong 2020 and beyond. The new member of Injustice was revealed on the June 4th episode of MLW's new digital series,MLW Pulp FUSION(watch).

"Saieve is someone who caught my eye in 2017 and we've been enthusiastically pursuing signing him ever since," said MLW CEO Court Bauer. "After almost three years, we are thrilled to formally welcome Saieve Al Sabah to the MLW family." 

Injustice, founded by Myron Reed in 2018, recently found themselves down a member due to the events surrounding CONTRA Unit's attack on MLW on May 9th in the closing moments of the MLW/AAA Super Series. For the past several weeks Reed and Oliver have teased the reveal of a new member of the collective. 

Hailing from “The 8th Day,” Saieve Al Sabah is a prolific mind and athlete.

Originally making his MLW debut in 2017, Saieve dusted off several adversaries, quickly making a statement in the league. Overwhelming opponents with his unorthodox fighting style, Saieve complimented his fight game with razor-sharp conviction when speaking on the competition, the sport and beyond. 

Electing to go free agent in 2018, Saieve would return to the league two years later in the shocking ending of an episode of MLW Pulp Fusion, where he was revealed to be the mysterious new member of Injustice.

Igniting a spark for a new era of the Injustice trio, Saieve, alongside Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver, embarked to extract revenge on CONTRA Unit and showcase their talents with no limits in MLW.

A controversial and polarizing figure who is seen as having a revolutionary aptitude, Saieve is fluent in both Haitian Creole and has a background as an amateur wrestler, BMX biker as well as playing street basketball and street football.

Raised in both Brooklyn and Spring Valley, NY to a prominent Haitian American family, Saieve is very resourceful and pragmatic. Often Saieve displays these qualities in his matches and on the microphone.

Growing up in the streets and being well educated has helped Saieve to often inspire or perhaps manipulate situations and people in his favor.

Despite the lifestyle he grew up in, Saieve’s goal is to change the world by ridding it of all its ills and corruption.  Inspired by his grandfather and father, former generals of Haiti’s private army as well as known scientists, the two instilled a strong sense of ethics and morals in Saieve.

Though he is sometimes quite brash and abrasive, he is often quiet, calculated and reserved when meditating on his vision and goals. 

Saieve Al Sabah is motivated to give back to the same people and streets that raised him. The same people who are never given a look or chance. It is Saieve’s belief and mission that “the world is yours.” 

Saieve lives to capture the world championship and conquer the world. 


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