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Sami Callihan Continues To Call Out Chris Jericho, Doesn't Rule Out Showing Up On Impact

Photo Credit Impact Wrestling

This is almost certainly nothing, and if your response to this bit of speculative connecting the dots is “slow news day”, you wouldn’t be wrong. You’d be missing the point of this website, but you wouldn’t be wrong.

Anyway... in an interview with The Mirror conducted at Wrestling MediaCon in Manchester, England this past weekend, Impact Wrestling’s Sami Callihan threw out a challenge to IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho:

“Jericho, if you’re listening to this, I’m calling your ass out. Whenever you’re ready to do it, let’s f***ing do this. Sami Callihan versus Jericho, one on one. I know I wanna see it, I know the people wanna see it, and I know you wanna see it.

He’s one of the guys that I truly tried to base myself on when I was younger but I’ve become a whole new animal now. He’s one of the last dream matches that I actually have as a professional wrestler.”

It’s not unusual for a wrestler to name drop a legend. Callihan and the British tabloid know Jericho’s name will get them attention that Sami calling out a fellow Impact star like Eli Drake wouldn’t.

But... in addition to Jericho refusing to rule out the possibility of working for Impact in the future, especially now that he’s strayed on his “don’t work for anyone other than Vince McMahon in North America” vow, this wouldn’t be the first time Callihan been involved in a worked shoot angle which led to business with Y2J. It’s more or less how Impact ended up on the Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea.

If Callihan/Jericho happened, it wouldn’t be in WWE. Sami says he “became a b****” while in NXT (working as Solomon Crowe) and told Mirror Sport he wants “to become the face of Impact Wrestling”. One way Sami could move toward that goal and his dream of working with the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla would be for them to do something on Jericho’s cruise next month, which will have Impact promoted matches and, obviously, Jericho (he’s already booked for a match with The Young Bucks against Kenny Omega, Marty Scurll and Hangman Page his appearance at ALL IN was designed to promote, but there’s more dates to the trip).

Again, we’re not saying Chris Jericho is headed to work for his buddy Don Callis in Impact, or that he’s going to wrestle Sami Callihan there, on the sea, or anywhere.

But if either does happen, we bet this interview will be part of the story.


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