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Samoa Joe Returns To NXT

Photo Credit WWE

Samoa Joe has returned to NXT. After it was previously reported by PWInsider that Joe was backstage at the tapings. William Regal offered him to be the new general manager of NXT, but the recently released Joe declined for a real good reason.

An emotional William Regal walks out to the Capitol Wrestling Center. He says he’s been with NXT from the beginning. With a shaky voice, Regal recounts his time and experience with the black and gold brand. He thanks the fans for all the TakeOvers that they’ve been a part of and he says with all the chaos going on here, he has given all he can give the fans now. He says he doesn’t think he’s capable of giving what they deserve anymore. Right about as Regal is about to make his announcement, out comes Karrion Kross with Scarlet. The two didn’t think this day would come, but they had to come out here to see it and feel it for themselves. He calls Regal pathetic for crying. Kross says after he punched a hole through the Mount Rushmore of NXT, he knew he could control it with chaos.

He wants Regal to say he’s leaving and say that “Kross was right” and that “Regal conquers all.” Suddenly, Samoa Joe’s music hits and the CWC goes wild. Regal offers him the general manager position. Joe says absolutely not and then basically challenges Kross over a matter of respect to William Regal. Regal has a few stipulations: he cannot be an active competitor and he can not lay a hand on a competitor, unless provoked. Joe accepts and asks Kross what he’s still doing in the ring. “Tick tock, young champion,” he says to Kross. Kross leaves, but takes his time in doing so.

As of this writing, it appears Samoa Joe will be Regal’s “equalizer” and proved as much when he choked Adam Cole out in a backstage scuffle to maintain some order between him and Kyle O’Reilly.


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