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Santino Marella Revealed As IMPACT Wrestling’s New Director Of Authority At Hard To Kill

Santino Marella has arrived in IMPACT Wrestling.

At the IMPACT Hard To Kill pay-per-view, Joe Hendry defended the IMPACT Digital Media Championship against Moose. The former world champion was a tough test for Hendry, but he held his own throughout the bout. In the closing moments, Moose hit Hendry below the belt and pinned him for the tainted win. He seemingly won the title, but Marella walked onto the stage. Marella announced that he was IMPACT’s new Director of Authority. He called Moose’s cheating “disgusting”, and he used his authority to restart the match.

Henry capitalized on the opportunity, as he quickly pinned Moose to retain the gold.

Marella previously worked for WWE for several years; he won the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship, among other accolades. He left the company in 2016, though he has made a few appearances since then. Marella competed as “Santina Marella” in the 2020 Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

IMPACT filed the trademark for Marella’s name a few weeks ago. He has worked as a host for IMPACT in the past under the name Anthony Carelli.


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