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Scorpio Sky On AEW's Unrestricted Podcast

First-ever AEW World Tag Team Champ, co-host of the new “Wrestling With The Week” podcast, and sneaker aficionado, Scorpio Sky has decided opinions on Nike’s Jordan’s, winning the AEW tag title as part of SCU, his tag partners Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian, and re-watching his own matches. He’s also got some great stories about wrestling sea sick on the Jericho Cruise, BTE and the Worst Town gimmick, The Young Bucks, Bret Hart, Sting’s AEW debut, and the time he met Derek Jeter. Plus, Sky reveals who he’d love to wrestle at AEW, why he almost quit wrestling, and which foods he absolutely can’t live without (hint – it’s NOT mushrooms)!

Scorpio Sky on SCU Tag Team Championship win over Lucha Brothers

“I think a lot of the fans kind of saw us as a stepping stone for the Lucha Brothers, and that it was just gonna be a coronation for them because they are a fantastic tag team and one of the best tag teams in the world.”

Scorpio Sky on his AEW match vs Chris Jericho

“I wish I had just slowed down a little bit and enjoyed it, but I was so worried about messing up and doing well that I didn’t even take that time, but I can enjoy it now.”


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