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Scott D'Amore Comments On IMPACT Wrestling's Future In The European Market

Scott D'Amore teases that he has some news regarding IMPACT coming to Europe.

IMPACT Wrestling recently wrapped up the two-day Down Under tour in Australia, and the company has held multiple shows in Canada in recent months. The company continues to grow, and ahead of the Slammiversary pay-per-view on July 15, it's fair to wonder whether IMPACT could follow WWE and AEW by holding a major show in the United Kingdom at some point.

Speaking on the IMPACT Slammiversary Press Pass, IMPACT President Scott D'Amore was asked about potentially holding Slammiversary overseas in the future. He responded by first looking back on his own history with the UK and noting that the wrestling scene dipped before it bounced back.

“I think the UK is on fire. I spent part of the mid-90s in Europe. My first overseas tour was in Hamburg. I spent time in England, Ireland, Wales, and the scene was very depressed at the time, with the exception of the WWE tours that would come through here and there. There just wasn’t a lot. We’ve seen such a growth in the market over there, and I think that you saw a bit of a dip in some of the stuff when NXT UK opened because I think they took a lot of the talent, and they really depleted the scene. But I think what you saw, which happens so much in wrestling, is others had an opportunity to step up and show out, and they’ve done that," D'Amore said.

D'Amore went on to describe how UK fans are great at showing their support, and they're very passionate. He noted that the European wrestling scene is great, and he teased that fans will hear some "exciting stuff" about IMPACT and the European market soon.

"Whether it’s Slammiversary or whatever the events are, I think UK fans are great at showing their support. I think European fans, I’ve competed in Switzerland, Germany, it’s a great scene over there, and I think wrestling fans have really become quite educated to what we do. One of the things that I always noted was their passion. They’re always so loud and so vibrant. It’s like watching a soccer game with the level of energy that you get over there, and I think you’ll hear some exciting stuff coming real, real soon when it comes from IMPACT Wrestling when it comes to the Euro market," D'Amore said.

Indy Pro Wrestling will have coverage of Slammiversary as it airs on July 15.


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