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Serena Deeb Announces Self-Quarantine After Being In Contact With Someone With COVID-19

AEW star Serena Deeb announced she will be self-quarantining for 10 days after she came in contact with someone who later tested positive for COVID-19.

Serena Deeb was supposed to be on next week's NWA/UWN "Primetime Live" PPV in a match against Allysin Kay. NWA has reported that Nicole Savoy will take her place.

Below is her statement that she released today:

Earlier this week, I came into contact with an individual who later tested positive for COVID-19. I am taking extra precautions and will be self-quarantining for 10 days.

Due to this, I unfortunately have to postpone the match at Primetime Live next week with Allysin Kay.

I offer my utmost apologies for this. This is a serious matter, and the health and safety of everyone involved always comes first. -Serena Deeb

As reported this week, AEW announced that Serena Deeb had officially joined the company. She had made her AEW debut earlier this month in a match against NWA Women's Champion Thunder Rosa.

As reported yesterday, AEW star Lance Archer had tested positive for COVID-19.

Below is NWA's tweet along with Deeb's statement:

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