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Should Broken Matt Hardy Go To AEW Or IMPACT?

Now that it seems that Matt Hardy's time with the WWE is winding down people are starting to ask what's next for Matt Hardy? Does he go back to IMPACT Wrestling and revive his Broken Matt Hardy persona or does he go to AEW and have his "Broken Brilliance" showcased in front of a larger audience?

Advantages of an AEW presence for Matt Hardy as we mentioned earlier more people will be available to see his "Broken Universe". AEW can also benefit as it will also solidify them as a viable option for wrestlers to work. Matt Hardy can also be used as a talent and a backstage producer and he can collaborate with other AEW talents and help develop their story-lines.

A return to IMPACT Wrestling can do wonders for the company especially to the past talent who have left and have never come back. It shows that IMPACT is willing to let the past be the past and to work on rebuilding lost relationships. A return from Matt Hardy will feel like home again. It was here where he had his most success as far as a singles competitor. IMPACT has been known to give their talent a lot more freedom on their gimmicks and character development so it might be the perfect place for him to go once his contract with WWE comes to an end. Who knows it might even increase their YouTube views and AXS TV viewership if he comes back. Only time will tell.

Matt Hardy is one smart man he knows how to work social media and he knows how to market and promote himself. Whether he's going back to IMPACT Wrestling or start a new journey with AEW wherever he decides to go it will be must-watch programming.

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