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Sources: Harlem Heat Making Their Debut During Royal Rumble Weekend

Photo Credit: WWE sources have revealed that the legendary tag team from World Championship Wrestling, Harlem Heat, Booker T. and Stevie Ray will be making their long-awaited debut to World Wrestling Entertainment during Royal Rumble weekend which begins tomorrow night for Smackdown Live to face The Revival in what could be a tag team match for the ages. It has been over two decades since we have seen the ten-time WCW World Tag Team Champions in a major promotion. The last time we would see the team win the WCW titles was back in October of 1999 at Fall Brawl to become the ten-time WCW Tag Team Champions defeating the teams of The First Family (Hugh Morrus and Brian Knobbs) and Filthy Animals members Konnan and Billy Kidman.

Photo Credit: WWE

This story all come about when The Revival interrupted the commentary panel during the pre-show for TLC back in December. Dash and Dawson directed their attention to the two times WWE Hall Of Famer and verbally abused him and challenged him and his brother Stevie Ray into a match. Following those comments, for weeks through The Hall Of Fame radio show on ESPN Houston, Booker T. counted down the days that WWE would give him the call to show up at the Royal Rumble. Earlier this week while on the Jericho Cruise, Booker T. mentioned on his show that the call was made by WWE. While Booker T. did not specify what he would be doing on the show he did mention there would be more to do.

The Revival has been a very successful tag team for WWE, making their name known in NXT and coming up to the main roster at the time and eventually becoming WWE Tag Team champs. But the question is, will Harlem Heat have any ring rust as a tag team? Will they be able to shine as they did for so many years in WCW? Will they be able to perform under the bright lights at the Royal Rumble which takes place in their home town of Houston, TX? And what would happen should The Revival lose the match to the legendary Harlem Heat? Where would they go from there?


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