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Southern Honor Wrestling Report from Canton on February 1

Photo Credit Southern Honor Wrestling

Article Written by Nick McDaniel: Thank you to @tappedoutpod for allowing us to repost this article. Original source

Southern Honor Wrestling returned for it’s first show since the controversial ending to last month’s “Year of Honor” show in January. The card looked stacked going into the show and vowing to hit 500 fans. Not only did they hit the 500 mark but they crushed it with a paid attendance of 608. They also delivered a very good show with an appearance by Jake the Snake Roberts but two unannounced surprises as well.

The Show started off with GM Gary Lamb coming to the ring to  say “I’m back from the dead” after the beat down he received at the hands of The New Era to conclude last month’s show. He said there was a problem in SHW and it was the New Era. The face locker room surrounded the ring as Gary said this was “their wrestling” and they would take care of the New Era. 

Lamb also congratulated Southern Fried Championship Wrestling promoter David Manders on all of SFCW's success but said SHW was chasing them and asked the crowd who would be #1 in GA for 2019 and a SHW chant broke out. Manders responded from the crowd for them to “Bring it”.

Match 1: AC Mack vs Ike Cross

AC Mack’s intro is still one of my favorite. His delivery and reactions to the crowd make him the star he is. BTW, he’s up to a whopping 209 lbs. They get under way and Ike shows no signs of ring rust as he’s been out of action for a while now. The match was very good as you would expect from these two. The finish came as Mack was down and Ike goes up top. Mack pulled the referee on top of him to prevent Cross from jumping on him. Ike hopped down and as he pulled the ref off, Mack hits a low blow followed by his finisher for the win. Mack looks to move on to face his former “homie”, Alan Angels for walking out on him last month.

Match 2: Joe Black vs Shawn Dean

Joe Black is an absolute beast and consistently puts on great matches. This one was good with Dean holding up his end of the match as well. Black would get the victory after a vicious spear. Black will keep climbing the ladder in SHW as the fans are more impressed by him each time.

Jake the Snake Roberts (Snake Pit Segment)

Jake got a nice pop from the crowd. He was glad that someone was listening to the fans and giving them a great product like SHW. and we all know WWE stands for Worst Wrestling Ever. Jake said as usual when someone builds a great company, someone comes along to ruin it,  just like the NWO did in WCW. Here in SHW, it’s the New Era. 

Roberts called out Dani Jordyn for a Snake Pit segment. She comes out with David Ali and the crowd let’s her have it. Jake took his shots and they were a little edgy to say the least, but what did you expect when you gave Jake a live mic. They replay the conclusion of last month’s event and Jake asks her about it. She tried to speak but the crowd was all over her with chants and boos. Jake finally cut her off and said there was another former “WWF” star here to show her what people thought of her and out comes Duke the Dumpster Droese. He nailed Ali with the trash can followed by the DDT from Roberts that the fans had been waiting for.

Match 3: Owen Knight vs Jordan Kingsley

Two of possibly the most underrated guys on the SHW put on a very nice match as Kingsley continues to improve and Knight’s membership in the New Era gives him instant heat with the crowd. Solid match with Knight getting the win.

Match 4: Jungle Kings vs Lynch Mob (2 out of 3 falls)

Possibly two of the best tag teams in the Southeast continued their rivalry here. Right after the introductions, the Jungle Kings attack quick with a roll up and steal the first fall in seconds. As the Jungle Kings are celebrating (one in the ring and one running around outside the ring), the Lynch Mob hit a quick splash and moonsault and steal fall 2. Tons of action in the match as you would expect including a double superplex from a member of each team that got the crowd even louder. Following a ref bump, the Lynch Mob hit their finish but the ref is down. Jungle Kings would recover and hit from behind and then their finish for the win. These teams consistently put on great matches with each other.

Following the intermission, musical guest The Funeral Portrait performed for the crowd. A great sounding rock band was rocking the house until the New Era walked out on stage. The attacked the band and took the drummer to the ring and O’Shay Edwards put him thru a table. The New Era stood over him in the ring gloating until Fear’s music played. Logan Creed and Sunny Daze walked to the top of the ramp setting up the next match.

Match 5: Fear (Sunny Daze & Logan Creed) vs The New Era (O’Shay Edwards & David Ali)

The match was every bit of the brawl you think it would be. However as they brawled outside the ring, Creed went into the ring and dove over the top taking them all to the floor. Then the women (Ravenna Vein & Dani Jordyn) got involved and a fight broke out with them. The finish would come as Logan was cleaning house and setting up Ali for a choke slam. A video played of a recording of someone watching Logan leaving his wife (who recently gave birth) at home. It appeared the person filming was going into the house. Creed ran off to the back. leaving Daze alone for a double team code breaker to polish him off for another New Era victory.

Match 6: Cody Vance vs Austin Theory

Both guys look like a million bucks and neither one will be on the Indie scene much longer. Theory gets the action started quickly as he is out for revenge after the sneak attack by Vance a couple months ago here in SHW. They put on a very nice match mixing in brawling that fits the hard feelings but the high flying that Theory always brings to the table. Theory goes for a superkick but Vance ducks out of the way and Theory nails the referee. As Theory tries to help up the referee, Vance hits him from behind and goes to the floor for a folding chair. Possibly the biggest surprise of the night came as Vance was loading up to hit Theory with the chair, 

DAVID ARQUETTE’s music played and he ran in ducking the chair shot and hitting a Diamond Cutter on Vance. He then pulled Theory on top for the win. Theory and Arquette posed post match.

Photo courtesy of Corey Tatum

Match 7: Kevin Ryan vs Ashton Starr vs New Era Member of their choosing (SHW Title Match)

After Starr and Ryan are introduced The New Era walks onto the ramp and someone in a hoodie steps in front to reveal themselves to be Alan Angels. Kevin Ryan is very entertaining as a performer and the crowd loves his signature spots using Attitude era moves. Starr is simply that. The crowd loves him and he looks like the obvious choice after last month’s stellar performance vs Ryan one on one. The three of them put on a solid triple threat (which I’m not typically a fan of) but chaos ensues as Ryan has Angels and Starr down and heads to the top. The New Era make their way down but Ryan does a moonsault to the floor taking out the New Era and himself on the floor. However, O’Shay Edwards made his way into the ring and attacked Starr leaving him easy pickings for Angels. Angels gets the 1,2,3 and is your new Southern Honor Champion.

AC Mack’s music blasts and he fights thru the whole New Era with a trash can trying to get to get at Angels. Dani and Angels escape out of the ring and the show ends with AC Mack in the ring as the New Era poses at the top of the ramp.

Southern Honor is hot right now. The matches have been solid from the beginning, but with the added storylines being built and established, they can continue to get more fans invested in the shows. That’s a scary thought considering they packed 608 fans for a promotion that is less than 6 months old.

They return to the Action Building on March 1st for their next show “Eye of the Storm”. Tickets available at


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