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Stairway To Hellain Event Added To MLW SuperFight In Charlotte

Tickets Available at! Major League Wrestling (MLW) today announced Jacob Fatu vs. Mads Krugger in a Stairway to Hell match at MLW SuperFight hosted by the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte on Saturday February 26, featuring an MLW Fusion TV taping. MLW's Charlotte debut just got bigger with a match so big it has been added as part of a double main event billing for SuperFight. 2 weapons will hang high above the ring as two monsters of the mat vow to maim each other as CONTRA's civil war hits Charlotte. Both combatants will wage war as they attempt to climb the ladder and grab either weapon and unleash hell on their adversary.

Each combatant has submitted their weapon of choice for the Stairway to Hell match. The 7-foot masked mercenary has selected a Baklei war club. The club, a resourceful instrument of pain, was acquired by Krugger during his stint competing in illegal Baklei prize fights in the South African underworld. A Maliliu Cane has been selected by Jacob Fatu as his weapon, which will be placed above the ring along with Krugger's prior to the start of their colossal clash. Reportedly, a Maliliu Cane is a spiky, long bamboo stick, which has evolved into a dangerous street weapon wrapped in razor wire. Fatu and Krugger now journey to hell in Charlotte. Who will survive? Find out at SuperFight! 🎟 Buy tickets starting at $10 at



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