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Taya Valkyrie Officially Becomes A Free Agent

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Taya Valkyrie is now officially one of women’s wrestling’s hottest free agents. Valkyrie teased her free agency on 12/3 before it came official today. Valkyrie shared with the world her booking email and she’s already scheduled to appear at a Nation Extreme Wrestling event on February 25th, 2022 as well as a Prestige Wrestling show on February 20 in Portland, OR.

Valkyrie was one of several releases by WWE on November 4. Valkyrie, who went under the name Franky Monet in WWE, was under a NXT contract, which typically comes with a 30-day no compete clause instead of the main roster’s typical 90-day clause. Since her release, Valkyrie has been vocal about WWE’s trend of mass releases, particularly when her husband John Morrison was released on November 18.

Stop supporting a company that has ZERO respect for their talent. You love pro wrestling, spend your money on the hundreds of other alternatives. This is wrong. Ethically, as employers they don’t care about us. Talent or fans.


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