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The Good Brothers Become IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions At Turning Point

Impact World Tag Team Championship: The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c) vs. The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)

Karl Anderson and Josh Alexander kick things off with a standing switch from Anderson. Alexander turns it around into a wrist lock. They break it up. Alexander goes for a waist lock on Anderson. Anderson fights out to tag in Doc Gallows. Gallows drives Alexander into the canvas with a big suplex and three elbow drops. Gallows goes for a cover. Ethan Page comes in to break it up. "The Machine Gun" Anderson is back in. Alexander puts a tight grip on Anderson while he tags in Page. Page and Anderson exchange shots before Gallows comes back in. Gallows goes for a leg drop and only gets a near-fall count at 2.

Anderson is back in for Gallows. Anderson tightly holds Page's arm. Page slowly rises to his feet to break out of the hold. Alexander hits Anderson in the back of his neck while the referee's back is turned. Anderson is back in. Page shoves his knee into Anderson's injured neck. The referee calls for a rope break. Alexander makes his way back in for Page. Both men lay in some kicks to the back of Anderson's knee. The North had Anderson cornered for just a minute before Anderson fought out with some jabs. Page comes in briefly before Alexander comes back in. Alexander throws Anderson face-first into the top turnbuckle.

Page makes his way back in. Page continues to target Anderson's injured neck by driving his boot in it again. Page puts a foot chokehold on Anderson while Alexander makes his way in. Alexander drives his knee into Anderson's back before making another quick tag to Page. Page puts Anderson in a front facelock. Anderson makes it up to his foot and fights out with several elbow shots towards Page's ribs. Anderson gets a tag in from Gallows. Gallows charges in with clotheslines all around. He looks for a tag to Anderson, who gets pushed off by Page. Page slides in to help Alexander set up for The Northern Assault. Anderson takes Page out to come in to help Gallows with the Magic Killer. Page blocks those chances with a superkick. Anderson lands a running kick on Alexander. They're both down on the mat. Page is tagged back in. Anderson send Page down with a spinebuster and a gunstun on Alexander. The Good Brothers get one more Magic Killer in to become the new Impact Tag Champions!

Winners: The Good Brothers

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