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The Importance of IMPACT Wrestling Locking In Their Talent To Contracts

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling

This Article was written by Karmen Sandiego from Impact! Wrestling Worldwide™

Facebook Group.

Impact Wrestling needs to sign all their core they seem deemed to be apart of the future to long-term deals before this is to happen if it does!

According to the Wrestling Observer, the Indy wrestling scene is facing big problems due to WWE because WWE officials are trying to sign everyone they can.

Not only is WWE signing wrestlers, but they also have an eye on production people as well. Basically WWE will sign anyone that they think is talented and can help their competition in anyway and they can easily do that with the huge amount of money ($2 Billion+) that’s coming their way due to TV deals for RAW & SmackDown.

While many top Indy talent don’t want to get signed to WWE despite there being an offer, it remains to be seen how long they can resist WWE’s big money.


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