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The Kingdom Retain Their IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championships At Bound For Glory

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: The Kingdom (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Taven and Shelley start with a quick pace. Sabin and Bennett in next for a bit before Shelley and Taven grapple again. Shelley works the left arm. Bennett trips Shelley when the ref is distracted. Outside, Bennett elbow strikes Shelley. Taven gets wrapped up in the ropes but does a body press off the apron to make up for it. Bennett applies a left arm hold and tags out. Kingdom double teams before Taven covers. Kingdom does more double moves in the heel corner as Taven drives Shelley to the mat with an elbow drop. Sabin gets the hot tag and works both men as Taven accidentally clotheslines Bennett. Double crossbody from Sabin. Sabin baseball slides Bennett and sends Taven up and over for Shelley to drag him out. Sabin flies out of the ring to wipe them both out. All four men are in the ring before Kingdom gets the advantage and pin attempts on Sabin. Guns get the double team advantage and drop Taven for a nearfall. Maria holds Shelley on the turnbuckle, but it doesn’t stop him from chopping Taven. Sabin and Bennett trade chops. Sabin superkicks and clotheslines in the corner. Taven is in tree of woe for a couple dropkicks. Bennett breaks itup. Maria gets in Sabin’s face. Mike accidentally superkicks Maria off the apron. Taven covers Sabin with his feet on the ropes.

Winners: The Kingdom (c)


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