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The North Crowned New IMPACT Tag-Team Champions At Bound For Glory

As MCMG make their entrance, Josh Alexander piledrives Shelley out on the stage. Josh Matthews uses his serious voice as officials tend to Alex. Ethan Page claps for Shelley. Sabin is conflicted as if he should go at it alone. He decides to do so and t Fulton tages himself he bell rings. Sabin fights agains The North. Dropkick by Page downs Sabin after some double-teaming.

Fulton tags himself in and he stomps away at Sabin. Alexander tags himself in via Fulton and he takes Chris to The North’s corner. Page grabs the hair of Sabin and then Alexander gives him some knees mid-ring before Page comes in. He grounds Chris and corners him to tag in Alexander once more. Snapmare to knee drop by Josh. Double team work by The North. Page stomps away at Sabin. North splashes into him and Alexander goes for a moonsault but Sabin rolls out of the way. Fulton tags himself in. He beats up Sabin further and then Ace gets the tag foursome offense before tagging back in Madman. He rolls on top of Sabin. Leg drop by Ace and splash by Fulton get a two count.

Delayed vert suplex by Sabin. Sabin tries to fight back but Madman vaults him into his corner. He tags in Ace. Madman tries to Snake Eyes Sabin into Ace’s knees, but Sabin fights out and delivers from offense. Anderson gets the tag from Sabin and he and Ace duke it out. It’s punctuated by a spinebuster from Karl. Big LG gets a tag. Belly-to-back neckbreaker double team. Pinfall gets broken up. Doc clotheslines Madman out of the ring. North double teams Gallows but he lariats the two down. Sabin tags himself in and takes out the North with a tornado DDT. Anderson tags himself in and Sabin takes it to Karl. He cross bodies on top of Anderson but Anderson rolls it over for a two count.

Sabin and Karl trade shots. Anderson hits a European uppercut and gets a spinning kick from Sabin. Ace tags himself in, but Sabin still continues to get on a roll as he senton rolls onto Alexander on the outside. Back in the ring, Sabin gives Ace a running kick for a spinning falcon arrow, but Ethan Page breaks it up at two. Sabin tosses out Page. Sabin climbs up top, but Ace hits a forearm while he is up high. Ace goes for a superplex, but Sabin headbutss himself free. PAge tages himself in and The North double cross armbreaker him down and then slams him down. Sabin gets a shoulder up at two. Sabin frees himself rom a double team and it allows Chris to tag in Anderson. The Brothers clear it all until Ace kicks away Gallows. He and Fulton corner Karl and they look for a double top rope vert on Anderson, but The North punch out Fulton and Ace. They go for Anderson but Karl hits a neckbreaker and the Brothers go for a Magic Killer on Josh. Alexander frees himself and fights off Gallows and Anderson. Ethan Page hits Anderson with a belt and they get the pinfall.

WINNERS and NEW IMPACT Tag Team Champions: The North


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