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The Virtuosa Arrives At IMPACT Wrestling!

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

It was just a little over a month ago, back on April 6th, when we last saw Deonna Purrazzo on WWE television when she lost to Nia Jax in a match on WWE Monday Night Raw. Shortly after the match Deonna was part of a mass exodus of WWE superstars who were released by the promotion due to various budget cuts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Deonna was not done there and had a lot to say about her former employer.

Deonna would make several appearances to talk about her days with the company and why she felt she was signed to WWE in the first place stating that the company simply wanted to sign her so that she would not compete at the revolutionary show All In back in 2018. Deonna would make several appearances for the company before officially signing and would cite that she had a better outing than her contracted time with the company.

While her time was not what she expected, Deonna has since seized the opportunity and has joined IMPACT Wrestling, a promotion that for years has had some of the very best female talents on the planet. On tonights IMPACT Wrestling, a video package was aired with someone appearing from afar and stating, "I am The Virtuosa", as many mathematic characters and formulas appear on the screen, she continues to explain what it means to be The Virtuosa, an introduction to the character that could be argued was never really described in WWE. She is, Deonna Purrazzo and she is now officially an IMPACT Wrestling knockout.

Deonna Purrazzo, a seasoned veteran, comes with an excellent training background being trained by Damian Adams and the legendary Rip Rogers. Deonna comes with the foundations of what it is to be a grappler and have a character. At only 25 years of age with close to 400 matches in her career, Purrazzo has traveled the world over from Osaka, Japan, to Toronto, Canada to London, England, to Bayamon, Puerto Rico to here in the states. Deonna has wrestled for all the major organizations from ROH, Women Of Stardom, WWE. But now, she enters a new journey with a promotion that has a strong emphasis on character build, great wrestling matches, a great locker room, and an overall very entertaining product. What will The Virtuosa have in store for all the talent at IMPACT Wrestling?


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