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Thunder Rosa Retains AEW Women's Championship At Double Or Nothing

AEW Women’s World Championship: Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Serena Deeb

Rosa and Deeb feel each other out and exchange holds. They’re evenly matched early on. The champion rocks in the pendulum and turns it into a pin attempt for a two count. Rosa takes Deeb down with two arm drags. She dropkicks Deeb off the apron, but the challenger gets back up and slams her into the turnbuckle. A neck breaker over the ropes gives Deeb the upper hand. Deeb locks in the abdominal stretch, but Rosa fights out of it. The champion rallies and slams Deeb. She sends Deeb face-first into the turnbuckle. Rosa gets a two count with a Northern Lights suplex. Deeb locks in a modified Octopus hold. She hits an innovative face-buster off the second rope.

Deeb locks in the Stretch Muffler, but the champion reverses and smashes Deeb’s knee into the mat. Both women are down after a double clothesline. Rosa hits a diving stomp to the back and gets a two count with the Death Valley Driver. Deeb takes her down with a chop block and locks in the Figure Four. The two competitors trade blows while the hold is locked in. They roll out of the ring and land hard on the floor. Deeb nails a Dragon Screw in the ropes and hits the Deeb-tox for a two count. She goes for the Serenity Lock and transitions into a powerbomb. She locks in the Cloverleaf, but Rosa reaches the ropes. Rosa clinches the win with the Thunder Driver.

Winner and still AEW Women’s World Champion: Thunder Rosa


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