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Tips On How You Be Can One of The Lucky Few To Get AEW's 'ALL OUT' Tickets Before They Sell Out

For those who are not aware I was able to attend ALL IN so that I could provide coverage for my website (Indy Pro Wrestling). I went in as a fan and not as press I do have to mention that. (click here to read the report from last year) As it was reported by several pro wrestling new-sites, ALL IN was sold out in less than 30 minutes while Double or Nothing sold out in under 4 minutes. So I would like to share with you some helpful tips that may help you purchase tickets while they go on sale as they are expected to sell out fast.

Step 1: Make an account to purchase tickets before hand or login if you already have an account via the Sear Centre website. (Click here to create an account)

Now this is the important part, make sure that before the ticket sales go live, you must be logged in. It is required to have an account to purchase tickets. The time-frame to checkout and purchase your tickets is 5 minutes. If you don't have an account that means you would have wasted precious time filling in your email, phone number, address, credit card, and all the other required information. You may be at risk of not being able to complete the sale if it's not done on time.

Step 2: Be patient, you may think that your internet or data may not be working, but trust me it probably is, its just that the website is moving extremely slow. That's because everyone is on the website at the same time trying to purchase tickets. You may be placed in a virtual waiting room, but not panic, and definitely do not refresh your web browser. Doing so may remove your place in line or worst of all, you may ruin your chance of being able to purchase the tickets entirely. After everything is done you should be able to click on confirm purchase, that is unless all the tickets sell out immediately.

Step 3: Enjoy the show!


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