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TNA IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (01/25/2024)

We start with a video package recapping last week before seeing the new “Cross The Line” intro.

Chris Bey vs. Kevin Knight

Knight grounds Bey with a headlock in the early minutes. Knight pulls out a standing frog splash, cover. Knight sends Bey to the apron and then the floor as he attempts a crossbody that Bey avoids. Bey then dives through the ropes to tackle Knight. Knight regains his footing and leaps back into the ring with a huge lariat.

Bey catches Knight in a roll up and follows it with a left kick to the head. Knight hits a superkick in response, followed by a brainbuster and cover. Knight misses a splash off the top but Bey hits an elbow drop to the spine. Art of Finesse (springboard cutter) connects and Bey covers for the win.

Winner: Chris Bey

GYV attacks ABC right after and ends the attack by holding up the tag titles.

We see a new vignette for Ash By Elegance. We then hear from Frankie Kazarian trying to explain his attack on EY last week when Rich Swann interrupts. Kazarian walks off but AJ Francis walks up and shares words with Swann.

Dirty Dango & Oleg Prudius vs. two enhancement talents

Dango sits on a chair and talks on the phone while Oleg starts throwing bodies around the ring. Dango then tags in and hits his finisher for the win.

Winners: Dirty Dango & Oleg Prudius

GYV cuts a promo backstage when Santino Marella interrupts. ABC tries to run up on them and security intervenes. Santino books a best-of-three-match series that starts next week.

Knockouts World Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Trinity

Trinity goes on the attack early on. The action spills out of the ring and Grace throws punches. Back inside, Trinity does a corner splash but Grace counters with a suplex. Grace does a splash out of the corner, cover. Trinity spikes Grace, cover. Grace plants Trinity with the Juggernaut Jackhammer for a nearfall. Grace puts Trinity up top but Trinity kicks her away and does a sunset bomb into a cover. They trade covers back and forth until Grace stacks on Trinity for the three.

Winner: Jordynne Grace (c)

Gisele Shaw and Savannah Evans attack Grace and Trinity after. Gisele stands tall over them with her X.

The System cuts a promo backstage ahead of the main event.

Backstage, Josh Alexander talks about what’s next for him when Alan Angels interrupts and says he’s going to introduce a new talk show called The Sound Check. Angels begs Josh to be his first guest to help him out and Josh finally agrees.

Nic Nemeth vs. Zachary Wentz

They grapple to start until Wentz is backed into the ropes and Nic is forced to separate. They shove each other and Wentz goes for a low kick. Wentz mocks Nic before Nemeth starts his comeback with a neckbreaker and elbow drop, cover. Wentz rolls him up using the tights twice in a row. Wentz does a full nelson slam for a nearfall and then pleads with the ref. Nic hits Danger Zone all of a sudden to score the pinfall win.

Winner: Nic Nemeth

Trey Miguel tries to attack but Nemeth hits Danger Zone on him. Steve Maclin ambushes from behind. Nemeth manages to hit him with Danger Zone as well and then he stands tall.

Crazzy Steve cuts a promo backstage until Rhino interrupts and shoves him.

We see a new vignette from Decay as they discuss returning and recapturing the tag titles at Hard To Kill.

Dani Luna & Jody Threat vs. MK Ultra

Masha and Dani start the bout. Threat quickly comes in with a dropkick and Luna does a clothesline, Threat covers. Threat clotheslines Masha several times in the corner before Luna hits an exploder suplex, cover. Kelly gets the tag in but Threat hits her with running double knees in the ropes. Threat dumps her with a German, cover. Kelly sends Threat crashing off the top. Masha comes in and MK Ultra hits Meet in the Middle followed by a double piledriver. Kelly pins Threat for the win.

Winners: MK Ultra

MK Ultra continues to attack Threat and Luna after the bout. This time, Luna is hit with the double knees and double piledriver.

Kazuchika Okada & Motor City Machine Guns vs. The System

Eddie and Shelley start the bout. It doesn’t take long before all six men come face to face in the middle as things are heated. The ref sends everyone back to their respective corners before Eddie chops Shelley. Machine Guns take turns picking Eddie’s arm apart until he tags out to Myers. Sabin targets Myers’ left arm and tags out to Shelley.

Okada finally gets the tag and meets Moose in the center of the ring. They stare each other down before Moose does a shoulder tackle. Okada sidesteps when Moose charges the corner, but then Moose ducks the Rainmaker. Shelley and Edwards return but now Eddie’s legs become targets of dragon screws. Okada briefly works Eddie before Shelley returns. However, The System takes control of Shelley for a bit.

Shelley finally breaks free from The System but Eddie takes out Okada and Sabin on the corner. Eddie goes to boot Shelley but he ducks and Eddie kicks Myers. Sabin gets the hot tag and he clears house with double clotheslines on Eddie and Myers, running kick to Moose. Sabin hits Myers with a cutter thanks to an assist from Shelley.

Sabin accidentally kicks Shelley when Eddie ducks. Eddie hits Sabin with Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Sabin leaps off the top with a double crossbody. Moose and Okada meet again as Okada hits a DDT. Okada sends Myers into Eddie before hitting a flapjack. Okada drops Moose with a neckbreaker on his knee for a nearfall.

Okada goes up top and lands the flying elbow drop. He goes for Rainmaker but lands the dropkick. Moose lands his own dropkick and both go down. Eddie hits a backpack stunner on Shelley for a nearfall. Okada finally hits Rainmaker on Myers. Shelley flattens Myers with Shell Shock and pins him for the win.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns & Kazuchika Okada

The babyfaces celebrate in the ring afterwards.

We then cut to a surprise vignette from Mustafa Ali. He appears and says he approves this message.


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