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TNA IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (02/01/2024)

The show opens with a recap of last week.

Nic Nemeth vs. Trey Miguel

Trey goes right on the attack with a dropkick and punches until Nemeth pops up with his own dropkick. Wentz distracts Nemeth, allowing Trey to dive over the ropes to wipe Nemeth out on the floor. Back inside, Wentz gets another cheap shot in while Miguel keeps Nemeth grounded. Trey attempts a cover with his feet on the ropes.

Nemeth starts his comeback with 10 elbow drops. Nemeth plants him with Famouser, nearfall. Nemeth goes for a superkick but Wentz grabs at his foot. Wentz gets ejected from ringside. Trey catches Nemeth with a kick to the head followed by meteroa, nearfall. Nemeth lands his own superkick and covers for three.

Winner: Nic Nemeth

Steve Maclin comes out and attacks Nemeth.

Backstage, Kon tells Deaner that The Design is dead.

Mike Bailey runs into Steve Maclin and The Rascalz backstage and he shuts up Wentz.

Decay vs. Mila Moore & Savannah Thorne

Rosemary and Mila start. Rosemary takes her to the corner and bites her head. Rosemary does the Upside Down in the ropes before Mila tags out to Thorne. She slaps Rosemary across the face, so Rosemary tags out. Mila leaves the apron so that Thorne can’t tag out. Thorne tries to forearm strike Havok, but she no-sells. Havok dumps her on her neck with a DVD. Decay hits a double finisher slam on Thorne for the win.

Winner: Decay

Backstage, MK Ultra announces they want their title rematch at No Surrender. Jody and Dani interrupt and stake their claim. Luna pitches Masha vs. Jody for tonight.

Sound Check

Alan Angels hosts his first edition of Sound Check with guest Josh Alexander. Angels calls this Josh’s biggest accolade yet. Alexander says he’s fought for and earned everything, but Angels says there’s someone Josh hasn’t acknowledged. They go back and forth before Alexander walks off. Angels tells fans to check out the next episode.

Brian Myers vs. Kevin Knight

Myers tries to keep Knight grounded but Knight pulls out some flashy offense before working the left wrist. Knight lands a huge dropkick and Myers rolls out. Knight chases after but Myers takes control, dropping him with a belly-to-back suplex on the floor. Back inside, Myers grounds Knight with a headlock on the mat.

Knight regains his footing and sends Myers to the outside followed by a crossbody out. Knight flies back in with a springboard clothesline, cover. Knight lands a DDT, Myers grabs the rope. Myers uses the rope for a low blow and plants Knight with a DDT, but he still kicks out. Knight catches Myers off guard with a dropkick but isn’t able to secure the pin. Myers follows it with Roster Cut for the win.

Winner: Brian Myers

Eddie Edwards and Myers circle Knight but Kushida runs down to even the odds. The System exits the ring and says it’s on their time.

Gia Miller speaks to Sabin about Mustafa Ali calling himself the X factor. Sabin says he knows Ali and calls him impressive. We suddenly cut to a new Ali vignette. After, The Good Hands confront Sabin and tease going after the gold too.

Frankie Kazarian speaks

Kazarian reminds fans that he wanted to come back to this company and year ago and helped the TNA revival. Now, he’s doing what he wants because he has earned that right. He calls himself a hero that became the monster in order to succeed. He runs down EY’s success but says he will not be taken for granted anymore. Lastly, he says the fans have permission to hate him now.

The System is celebrating backstage when Shelley tells Moose that he wants his title rematch.

A new vignette airs for Ash By Elegance.

Deaner enters the ring and grabs a mic. He announces to the crowd that The Design is dead. He admits it might even be his fault. PCO’s music hits and he comes down for a match.

Deaner vs. PCO

PCO hits double knees to the chest out of the corner. PCO drops him to the mat again and then climbs up for the PCOsault. He lands it and pins him.

Winner: PCO

Kon runs up from behind and attacks PCO. Kon helps Deaner to his feet only to clothesline him. Kon yells, “It’s over when I say it’s over,” before snapping Deaner’s neck. PCO rises up but Kon choke slams him while smothering his face.

AJ Francis confronts Rich Swann again in the locker room and pitches working together. Swann tries to deny him again as Rhino is walking by. AJ asks Rhino if he needs help with Crazzy Steve and Rhino says, “F*** off.” Swann tells Francis no one wants hm here in TNA.

We hear from Jordynne Grace regarding her Royal Rumble appearance. Her mom drove 22 hours to be there. She was excited to represent TNA in front of such a large audience. Next week, Grace and Trinity will face Gisele and Savannah.

Masha Slamovich vs. Jody Threat

Threat goes right on the attack, throwing Masha around before doing corner clotheslines. Masha counters with a kick to the face. Masha whips Threat around while pulling her hair. Masha hits a snap suplex. Threat goes for the double knees in the ropes but Masha avoids it. She lands a couple clotheslines, cover.

Threat comes back with a pump kick and finally connects with the double knees and a German. Threat kicks Kelly off of her and Luna tackles Kelly. Masha capitalizes and hits Threat with Snow Plow for the win.

Winner: Masha Slamovich

We cut to the back where The System beats down Kushida and Shelley runs in.

Made official for No Surrender: Moose vs. Shelley for the World title, Grace vs. Shaw for the Knockouts title.

Best of 3 Series – Match 1: ABC vs. GYV

Gibson and Bey start things off as Gibson works over Bey’s left arm. ABC sends GYV to the outside heading into the commercial break. Back in, Drake keeps Bey in their corner. Ace gets a tag briefly but Bey is largely kept cornered. Bey finally slips through Drake’s legs and tags Ace, who works both members of GYV as best he can.

Ace stomps on Drake, cover but Gibson breaks it. Bey lands a frog splash on Drake for a nearfall. Ace gets the tag but Gibson holds him on the apron. Ace fights it anyway but then Gibson charges him into the corner, allowing for Drake to hit a dropkick. Bey helps Ace escape GYV’s Doomsday Device. ABC double teams Gibson with a neckbreaker but Drake breaks the cover.

GYV is sent to the outside and Ace hits Soar To Glory on Gibson. Drake follows Ace and chokes him with a scarf behind the ref’s back. GYV hits Grit Your Teeth on Ace and Drake covers for the win.

Match 1 Winners: GYV


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