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TNA IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (02/15/2024)

Jake Something vs. Frankie Kazarian

Feeling out process to begin before Kazarian gets launched out to the floor. Back inside, Kazarian takes control and picks Jake apart. Kazarian lands the leg drop off the ropes, cover. Something starts his comeback and elbows Kazarian off of trying for the chicken wing. Kazarian manages the slingshot DDT for a nearfall.

Eric Young is shown watching through the curtain. Meanwhile, Kazarian and Jake go up top but they counter each other before Kaz trips Jake and he hits the turnbuckle neck-first. Kazarian stacks on top and holds the rope for the three.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Backstage, EY calls out Kazarian to meet him in the ring so they can squash their issues man the man.

Jordynne Grace vs. Savannah Evans

Gisele Shaw is at ringside. Evans showcases her power early on, landing a Butterfly Suplex for a cover. Grace tries for a sunset flip out of the corner but opts to kick Evans into the turnbuckle. Grace lands a Vader Bomb, cover. Evans says something to Shaw for a moment, which allowes Jordynne to clock her with a back fist. Grace pulls Evans off the top and lands a Muscle Buster for the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Shaw strikes Grace with the X right after and then shocks the crowd by striking Evans next. Shaw hits Grace with a running knee strike before posing with the title.

Backstage, George Iceman bumps Gia Miller out and interviews Ash By Elegance, who announces she will be making her TNA in-ring debut next week.

Alan Angels hosts a new episode of Sound Check with Simon Gotch. Gotch recalls Alexander’s comeback in wrestling and how it led to Scott D’Amore handing him a contract. Gotch claims his name was edited out of the history books as it related to his match with Josh at Destiny. Angels shows us footage of the bout. Gotch says TNA was kind enough to let him air his grievances. Alexander bursts into the room and ends up tackling Gotch.

Match 2 in the Best of 3 Tag Team Title Series: ABC (c) vs. GYV

Ace lets Bey start the bout with Gibson. It’s not long before Ace and Drake are legal but Gibson traps Ace in the heel corner, allowing for Drake to dropkick his arm. After the break, Drake traps Ace in an arm hold on the mat. GYV lands an assisted shoulder breaker on Ace to continue the damage.

Ace finally ducks Drake and tags in Bey. Bey plants Drake into the mat, but Gibson breaks the cover. Ace runs in and kicks Gibson in the head to neutralize. ABC set up for 1-2-Sweet, but Ace’s arm is still weakened. Drake nearly puts away Bey while Gibson shoves Ace into the ring steps. GYV hits Doomsday Device, but Bey kicks out. Bey hits a Famouser on Gibson to get a breather in. Ace and Drake tag in. Bey pullss Gibson out of the ring, allowing Ace to stack on top of Drake for the three.

Winners: ABC in order to guarantee Match 3

We hear from Dango as he challenges any team to step up to him and Oleg.

A new Mustafa Ali vignette airs. After, Chris Sabin tries to attack Jason Hotch and John Skyler backstage.

TNA Digital Media Championship: Crazzy Steve (c) vs. Rhino

Rhino sends Steve to the floor right away. Rhino pulls out a table but Steve cuts him off and they continue brawling on the floor. Rhino hits a suplex on the ramp before they return to the ring. Steve kicks the rope to low-blow Rhino. Steve grabs his title and blasts Rhino with it while the ref throws out Steve’s fork. The ref turns around and counts the three.

Winner: Crazzy Steve (c)

We hear from PCO.

Deaner vs. Joe Hendry

Ahead of the next match, a new rap from AJ Francis airs before he walks out and continues cutting a promo on Hendry. Hendry responds with a new music video bashing AJ.

Deaner blasts Hendry from behind before Francis runs down and chokeslams Hendry. Rich Swann runs down to take out Deaner. Francis turns around and comes face to face with Swann. AJ leaves the ring while Swann checks on Hendry.

No Contest

We see footage of Steve Maclin attacking Nic Nemeth at a World Wrestling Council event in Puerto Rico. Backstage, Gia speaks to Maclin and The Rascalz. Maclin says his actions speak louder than words because he doesn’t want Nemeth in TNA. Trent Seven and Mike Bailey interrupt. Seven challenges Maclin to a match next week, but Maclin walks off.

Killer Kelly vs. Dani Luna

Luna hits an exploder suplex out of the gate. Kelly gets the ref’s attention, so Masha strikes Luna in the ropes. Kelly plants Luna, cover. Luna regains her footing and runs over Kelly with clotheslines and a running dropkick. Luna is able to roll Kelly up for the victory after a spat with Masha and Threat at ringside.

Winner: Dani Luna

After, MK Ultra beats down Luna and Threat until Decay runs down to make the save.

Next week: Sabin vs. Hotch, Maclin vs. Seven, The System vs. Knight, Kushida & Shelley, Ash By Elegance makes her in-ring debut.

Josh Alexander vs. Simon Gotch has been added to No Surrender.

Moose vs. KUSHIDA

Moose takes Kushida to the outside with chops early on. Back inside, Moose picks apart Kushida’s leg and then stands on his throat. Kushida is sent to the floor again. He rolls back in only to get tossed out. Kushida finally counters a powerbomb attempt and traps Moose in an armbreaker on the apron.

Kushida lands two moonsaults and then goes for the Hoverboard Lock. Moose and Kushida counter each other a few times until Kushida lands Code Red for a nearfall. Moose dodges the Tanaka Punch and hits Kushida with the spear for the win.

Winner: Moose

The System walks out to celebrate Moose’s win. Myers and Edwards hold Kushida up so Alisha can slap him. Eddie punches him down before Knight and Shelley run down to start a big brawl. The babyfaces stand tall in the ring as the show goes off the air.


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