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TNA IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (03/07/2024)

Mustafa Ali vs. Kevin Knight

They go back and forth up front until Ali takes control. Knight comes back by hitting a huge hurricanrana off the top rope followed by an impressive crossbody. Knight leaps up on the turnbuckle but Ali turns it into a huge backstabber. Ali’s security checks on him at ringside before Knight hits a huge crossbody to the outside to wipe them out. The Good Hands walk down but are attacked by Sabin and Kushida. Knight nearly puts Ali away but the brawl spills into the ring and then out. Ali plants Knight with a tornado DDT followed by a 450 splash that doesn’t connect. Knight hits Sky High for a nearfall. Ali grabs his title and strikes Knight behind the ref’s back. Ali scores the three.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

After, Ali hits a 450 splash onto Knight’s arm. Shelley runs down with a crutch to clear out Ali and Good Hands.

We hear from Tasha Steelz and Xia Brookside ahead of their title shot tomorrow night.

Backstage, medical checks on Knight’s injured left arm. The doc says Knight cannot compete at Sacrifice in 24 hours. Shelley declares that he’ll take Knight’s place. Shelley gets passive and says he didn’t think Kushida would throw in the towel, while Sabin didn’t have his back at No Surrender. Shelley says he’ll go to Santino about booking the Time Splitters reunion.

Ash By Elegance vs. Angel Blue

Ash takes Blue to the corner with kicks and stomps. She then shoves Blue’s face into her boot in the rope before Iceman brushes off Ash’s boot from the filth. Ash tells Blue to hit her but she runs Blue over with a clothesline. Ash hits a handspring elbow into the corner before going up top and landing Rarified Air for the win.

Winner: Ash By Elegance

We hear from Steve Maclin via video in his hotel room. He says he’ll be at Sacrifice waiting for Nemeth when his connection goes out and someone attacks him. We cut to Maclin on the floor and Nemeth holding the camera to reveal himself as the attacker.

John Skyler cuts a promo bashing Time Splitters on his way to the ring.

The Good Hands vs. KUSHIDA & Alex Shelley

Hotch and Kushida kick things off with grappling. Shelley tags in and Time Splitters briefly double-team Skyler. Hotch is able to find his footing again in order for Good Hands to take turns keeping Kushida grounded. Kushida finally rebounds with double springboard elbows to the duo. Shelley tags in and ends up getting double-teamed as well. Kushida returns off the hot tag with a flurry of offense to both Hotch and Skyler. Time Splitters double team Skyler before Shelley accidentally kicks Kushida in the face. Skyler tries to put away Kushida. Hotch lands a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Kushida kicks Skyler’s arm and then traps him in the Hover Board Lock for the win.

Winners: KUSHIDA & Alex Shelley

Dirty Dango, Oleg, and Bravo cut promos outside.

Backstage, Mustafa Ali informs Good Hands that they are being replaced by GYV at Sacrifice due to their loss.

Masha Slamovich vs. Dani Luna

They target each other’s left arms at first. Masha delivers a few big kicks, cover. Masha cranks Luna into a Camel Clutch but then slams her face against the mat. Masha applies a stretch on the mat while clubbing Luna’s chest. Luna fights back with punches and a dropkick. Luna uses the ropes for an assisted Blue Thunder Bomb, cover. Masha dumps Luna on her neck, cover. Luna clobbers Masha and then hits a sit out powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Dani Luna

Alan Angels vs. PCO

PCO dominates initially but Angels finds an opening to attempt a splash. Angels misses as PCO gets up and boots him. PCO hits a chokeslam followed by PCOsault for the win.

Winner: PCO

Kon attacks PCO right after. Angels tries to cheer on Kon but Kon grabs Angels and slams him too. PCO and Kon swing chairs at each other but PCO gets the upper hand at first. Kon slugs a right, PCO responds. They slug it out to the back.

TNA Under Siege is returning to Albany on Friday, May 3. Tickets on sale March 16.

We see footage of Crazzy Steve beating Rhino to retain the Digital Media title on Xplosion. Steve says he will defend his title each time he’s in the ring, no matter his opponent.

Eric Young speaks

EY makes his way out. He says Sacrifice is not just the name of an event, it’s his way of life because he’s given everything to this company. He says he’ll keep coming forward before Moose’s music hits. Moose says EY truly is a world-class maniac and bashes the fans for believing him. Moose doesn’t care about EY’s sacrifices; the outcome will be the same – #AndStill. Moose loves a good fight and pitches a street fight right now. Moose nearly enters the ring and then backs out. He says that’s not how The System works. Myers and Edwards attack EY from behind and Moose hits a spear, followed by a second one with a chain. ABC runs down to clear The System out.

Josh Alexander vs. Dirty Dango

Josh tackles Dango and does some grappling early on. Josh targets the ankle but Dango tries pulling at his face and then elbowing his triceps. Dango picks Josh apart for a bit, mostly targeting the left arm and then the left leg. Josh finally chops free only for Dango to pull him to the post where she smashes his left knee. Josh comes back with a rolling senton back inside, followed by a knee drop to the neck.

Dango goes up top but Josh rolls to the other side. Josh baits him into a string of German Suplexes. Josh and Dango slug it out up top before Josh sends Dango crashing onto Bravo. Josh leaps off the post to wipe out Dango, Bravo, and Oleg. Josh has to kick off Oleg, allowing Dango to hit a Tornado DDT. Dango goes for the leg drop but Josh catches him into the ankle lock for the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander


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