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TNA IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (04/04/2024)

The show kicks off with ECW Original Rhino taking on X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali in a non-title match.

Old School Rules: Mustafa Ali vs. Rhino

Rhino is the first to toss Ali across the ring. Ali gets some offense in briefly before Rhino sends him over the ropes crashing to the floor. Rhino retrieves some weapons and throws them inside. Meanwhile, Ali takes Joe Watson’s book from him at ringside and throws it in a trash can. Ali then pulls out a huge poster of his PWI cover. Rhino chops Ali and throws him back in the ring.

Ali kicks the middle rope when Rhino climbs back in. Ali capitalizes by hitting Coast to Coast with a trash can on Rhino. Ali preps for a Gore, but Rhino side steps and Ali hits the propped can. Rhino knocks one of Ali’s security guards from the apron. He turns back and goes for a Gore, but ends up running through a table. Ali covers him for the win.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

After, Jake Something throws Ali back in the ring and destroys his PWI cover poster. Something is briefly stopped by one of the guards, but Something ends up hitting him with a huge powerbomb to send a message.

Gia Miller welcomes out Hammerstone to the ramp to question if he’s afraid of Josh Alexander. Hammerstone asks why he would be afraid of Josh when he is bigger, stronger, and better than Josh. Ultimately, Hammerstone challenges Josh to a rubber match at Rebellion before he attacks the camera man and puts him in the Torture Rack.

The Rascalz come out for a match and cut a promo once in the ring. Trey says that Philly will have hosted the best team in all of wrestling after tonight. He welcomes out their opponents… FBI’s Zak Clayton, Ray, and Little Guido.

The Rascalz vs. FBI

Ray and Trey start the bout by trading wristlocks. Ray is lured in and The Rascalz double-team him as Wentz becomes legal and goes for the cover. Clayton and Wentz receive tags as Clayton runs over The Rascalz with a double clothesline followed by a powerslam. Jazz tosses Trey out and FBI hits a double elbow drop on Wentz. Myron Reed suddenly appears and sprays Guido in the face. Trey tags in and plants Jazz with a spinebuster. Wentz hits the stomp and Trey covers for the win.

Winners: The Rascalz

We see part one of a vignette for Jonathan Gresham called Lies.

Backstage, Gia speaks to Speedball Mountain about challenging The System at Rebellion. However, Eddie beat Speedball last week. Bailey says now they know the threat Alisha poses. The System interrupts and says they don’t have what it takes to be dripping in gold like them. The segment ends with Seven challenging Moose to a match next week.

Chris Bey vs. Frankie Kazarian

Kaz makes Jade correct her ring announcement, which allows Bey the opportunity to jump Kaz to start the bout. Kazarian fights his way back and trips Bey off the top rope, sending him neck-first on the turnbuckle. They spill outside where Kaz continues chopping the chest. Kaz continues to pick him apart and then hits a springboard dropkick, cover.

Bey finally fights back with a flurry of offense including a clothesline off the top rope. Kazarian counters Art of Finesse and catches Bey off guard with a slingshot stunner, but Bey kicks out. They spill out again and as the ref checks on Bey, Ace steals a chain out of Kaz’s hand. Kaz fakes an injury and the ref catches Ace with the chain. The ref ejects Ace.

Bey manages to leap over the ropes to wipe out Kaz while the ref and Ace still argue. Kaz kicks the second rope to low-blow Bey. Back inside, Kaz hits Fade to Black for the win.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

We see clips of Masha Slamovich getting angry at Killer Kelly and Dani Luna lately. Masha starts to address it when Alisha walks up and says she heard Masha needs a new partner with Kelly out. Alisha wants to add more gold to The System and tells Masha to think about it.

Xia Brookside vs. Ash By Elegance

They yell at each other over their recent encounters. Xia goes to slap Ash’s face and Ash ducks to the ropes. Xia catches Ash’s boot and Ash tells her to kiss it. Ash hits a takedown out of the corner and then follows it with a monkey flip. Ash rolls out to recover for a beat. Xia stops Ash from leaving the Impact Zone by sending her into the ring post. Xia yells at Iceman and then gets tripped into the steps. They barely beat the count and Ash goes for a cover back inside.

Ash takes control until Xia trips her on her face and then lands a crossbody. Ash hits a clothesline and then goes for several covers. Ash hits a cutter on the floor to keep Xia down again, but she still beats the count. Xia unloads with strikes to the chest and then hits a running double knees in the corner, smashing Ash’s face. Ash kicks Xia off of her, which allows Iceman to throw champagne in Xia’s face. Ash then rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Ash By Elegance

Backstage, Ace and Bey argue again about whether Bey is truly focused on the tag titles. First Class interrupts and a future match is teased.

Backstage, Gia speaks to Steph De Lander and Matt Cardona about their returns last week. SDL promises to take Grace’s world title at Rebellion. They will have a contract signing next week. Plus, Crazzy Steve vs. Laredo Kid for the Digital Media title.

Nic Nemeth vs. Alex Shelley

Nemeth takes Shelley down early with some mat-based wrestling. Heading into the break, Nemeth is laid out on the floor as Shelley targets the left arm. Shelley continues to pick apart the arm as Nemeth tries to get to his feet long enough to fight back. Shelley traps him in a straight jacket. Nemeth finally finds his footing and even has time to lace his boots back up.

Nemeth traps Shelley in a sleeper followed by an abdominal lock. Shelley then targets the left leg and pulls out a dragon screw. Shelley applies a Figure Four in the center. Nemeth finally reaches the bottom rope to break it. Nemeth fires back with clotheslines, a corner splash, and a neckbreaker. Nemeth hits nine elbow drops, but Shelley gets his knees up for the tenth.

Shelley applies Border City Stretch but Nemeth gets to the rope. Nemeth bites Shelley’s fingers, hits a DDT and nearly scores the pinfall, but Shelley gets his foot on the rope. Shelley gets Border City Stretch in for a second. He rolls through and superkicks Nemeth, but Nemeth responds with Danger Zone for the three.

Winner: Nic Nemeth


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